5 Benefits of Water Softener that Deserve Your Attention

Water Softener

If you are living with hard water at home, it surely costs you a lot. Hard water contains minerals, magnesium and calcium that could clog the pipe of the water supply, damage other fixtures and appliances while passing through the water line.

Rain water is pure and soft but flowing over the ground makes it hard water as it collects calcium and magnesium on the way. Minerals are not harmful for our health but a large quantity of minerals could be harmful for your home and accessories.

A water softener helps to remove minerals from water by ion- exchange process. The hard minerals are stuck by resin in this process and exchange the calcium and magnesium ion into potassium and sodium ions. If you find any signs of hard water at your home, get a water softener to get rid of problems.

Signs of hard water:

There are some signs of finding out the existence of hard water. they are:

?         You would find stain and rust on your bathtub and sinks

?         You would need more soap and detergent than usual

?         Stains on your kitchen utensils

?         After a long period, the color of your clothes would fade

?         Your skin and hair gets dry after shower

?         Scale deposits are found on kitchen appliances and plumbing

When you notice such signs at your home, buy a water softener as soon as possible.

Benefits of water softener:

1. Save money:

Hard water clogs your appliances and pipes with minerals that would cost you much money for repairing. It also creates problems in your coffee machine, ice makers, water heaters, dishwasher and laundry machines that would be much costlier for anyone.

By using a water softener, your electric bill would get lower because it could prevent pipe damage. The pressure of the water increases and you also don?t need to run the water heater in high power because your pipes are not narrow anymore. Thus, it could decrease your bills.

Moreover, using more soap and detergent costs you more money than usual. But the water softener could make the water soft and there would be no need for extra detergent or soap.

2.   Healthy skin and hair:

The minerals in hard water could make your hair and skin dry as your skin lost the natural oil of hair and skin. By using soft water, your skin could pick up and hold the moisture easily. Soft water also helps you to get rid of dry, itchy and irritated skin that happens because of hard water.

Hard water could cause dryness, curly and weakens your hair. Soft water could control the pH level of your hair and also doesn?t harm your dyed hair.

3.  Softer and brighter clothes:

After washing clothes with hard water, you would find mineral deposits in your clothes. The normal color of your clothes would fade slowly and also causes stains in white dresses mostly. Soft water works better as it could dissolve into your clothes easily. It makes your clothes soft, brighter and gives a fresh, new and shining look.

4. Dish cleaning:

It becomes too hard to clean your dishes properly with hard water. it gives a cloudy appearance to your dishes after washing. A water softener could remove the minerals from the water and mix with detergent and soaps completely that cleans your dishes more effectively.

5.  Rust-free shower head and screen:

Hard water could block the shower head and you need to clean the holes by sticking tooth-picks into it. you have to give much time and effort to clean the shower head every month and it also reduces the water flow. Moreover, the shower screen gets harmful chemicals and doesn?t clean nicely. You could be more benefited by using a water softener as they prevent the block on the shower head and gives your screen a rust-free, sparkling shower screen with a wipe only.

I hope that you learned much about the benefits of the best water softener. Don?t wait and get the water softener quickly if you find hard water signs at home and enjoy the benefits from it.

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