Beginners Guide To Ethernet Cables

Every business knows that it’s important to have impeccable internet speed to accomplish the everyday tasks necessary to keep operations running smoothly. This is also true in a casual setting if you have work and research to do at home. A wired connection is simply better, but there are few to choose from and this guide will you figure out which one is right for you.

Understanding the different types

It’s important to note that there are many types of cables on the market to consider. Some are stronger and some are weaker than others. This doesn’t mean they aren’t viable for certain circumstances though. There is a wide variety to consider with excellent performance. You want a cable that will stay strong for longer periods without the need to replace it. An example of a stronger option would be the cat5e data cable which provides incredible performance and is accurately tested at 350 Mhz. Options like this are what most businesses use because of the supreme capability of a faster and more viable connection across larger projects. When you have multiple people using the internet to accomplish tasks then you�ll want to have a direct connection so you can all achieve faster results. With this cable, multiple people can be on the internet and you won�t have to worry about excessive loading times or sacrifice speed.��

Which type should you get?

The Cat5 option is usually the standard selection you will find. It�s also the cheapest option and is the worst option n terms of performance. It’s easy to make a mistake and assume it’s the best option because they all look similar. However, the Cat5 is used in standard situations across homes and is the most affordable option. 

The second type of ethernet cable to consider is the Cat5e which is a major step above the Cat5 and is excellent for larger businesses. It has a much higher performance and can deliver incredible speeds. This type of connection is known as a gigabit option so keep this in mind when doing your shopping. 

Finally, the most expensive and best option is the Cat6 which is highly advanced and will give you optimal connection. The only drawback is it can be far more difficult to obtain on a budget. There is also the Cat6a which is even more expedient and lucrative but for a higher price tag. Each of these ethernet cables should be researched and weighed, but the Cat5e is generally seen as the best option because it is both affordable and effective. 

How to set it up

Connect the first end of the cable directly to your router on the first port and then connect the other end to any given device. Setting up the ergonomic aspect of ethernet cables in an office or home can be a tricky endeavor, and it may require running a cord through walls in some instances. Once your computer is connected to the cable then you must change the settings by clicking on the wifi icon to switch to a wired connection.

You will be prompted to enter the password on your network and then you’re good to go! Now you will have access to extremely fast internet and this can be connected to either a grounded computer, laptop, or any other compatible device. The main differences in cables come down to the wiring. The higher levels of cables often have more complex internal connections.

Ethernet cables are great for increasing internet speed. It’s a major step up from using multiple devices over a wifi network. You will see the benefits of increased internet speeds and overall efficiency. Keep these tips in mind when looking for the right cable for your internet connection and needs.  

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