Top ten reasons why to begin your day with Surya Namaskar

surya namaskar

How you start your day can influence your well-being in different ways. Exercise and yoga are the most effective way to begin your day on a solid note. In addition, yoga can assist you with battling a few medical problems. Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is a suggested logical succession of 8 strong asanas.?

There are an all outnumber of 12 asanas that are done each for the right and passed on sides to make one complete cycle. However, best rehearsed early in the morning while starving; you can play out the Surya Namaskar at any time. Aside from furnishing the body with a 360-degree exercise, the Surya Namaskar likewise influences the body and psyche decidedly. Customary practise leaves you feeling lively, sound and quiet over the day.

At the point when done in the correct manner and with flawless timing, Surya Namaskar can completely change you. It might require some additional investment to show results, yet you’ll before long find your skin detoxed more than ever. Consistently rehearsing Surya Namaskar improves the size of your sunlight based plexus, expanding your imagination, natural capacities, direction, authority abilities and certainty.

However, Surya Namaskar should be possible whenever of the day, the most suitable and gainful time is at the crack of dawn since that is when the sunbeams revive your body and spruce up your psyche. Rehearsing it in the early evening empowers your body quickly, while performing it at nightfall assists you with loosening up.

Here are 10 reasons for you to begin your day with a Surya Namaskar!

1- It helps your general well-being.

Integrating the Surya Namaskar into your everyday schedule can negatively affect your life. However, it gives a total body warm-up and mental mindfulness when done accurately. The interaction includes taking full breaths while doing the 12 asanas i.n Surya Namaskar Poses, which is advantageous for one’s well being.

2- It helps in weight reduction and detoxing your body.

Consolidating Surya namaskar in your morning schedule will assist you with getting thinner quicker. To such an extent, when Surya namaskar asanas are done at high speed, they can give you an incredible exercise helping you with shedding pounds around your tummy. In addition, the lungs are ventilated because of the dynamic inward breath and exhalation process, consequently detoxifying the whole body.

3- Sparkling Skin

Surya Namaskar helps your blood course, giving your skin and face its brilliant shine back. It likewise helps in forestalling wrinkles and early maturing. Play out this asana regularly to obtain improved results.

4- Better Digestion

Yoga presents an increased bloodstream to your gastrointestinal system and animates the gastrointestinal activity known as peristalsis, so the absorption is more proficient. Yoga likewise quiets you, which thus loosens up your stomach related framework and prompts a more compelling end. Forward twists increment the space in the midsection and work with the arrival of captured gasses. 

5- Works on your flexibility and tones the body

The asanas in the Surya Namaskar exercise will make your body more adaptable and agile. Not exclusively is grouping an effective method for extending and reinforcing your muscles. Asanas also help tackle spinal adaptability.

6- Manages monthly cycle

If you have an irregular period, Surya namaskar is a surprisingly beneficial development for you. The standard act of these asanas will assist you with stifling the abnormalities in your cycle.

7- Cuts down Blood Sugar Levels

Regular act of the Surya Namaskar assists in holding your blood with sugar under wraps. It additionally helps in keeping various heart illnesses under control.

8- Keeps uneasiness under control

It works on your memory, and sensory system and furthermore helps quiet you down and dispose of uneasiness. Standardizes the action of  endocrine organs, especially the thyroid organs. Here is another yoga representation that can keep uneasiness under control.

9- Keeps you energetic

Integrating it into your standard will keep you energetic and solid even in your advanced age. Moreover, it further develops your blood dissemination and helps in welcoming back the sparkle all over, forestalling the beginning of kinks and making your skin look ever-enduring and brilliant.


10- Reduces Insomnia

Surya Namaskar is known to work on your resting design. It helps quiet your psyche, giving you better and more tranquil rest around evening time. Moreover, it implies that you can at long last express farewell to those resting pills unequivocally.

Thus, to have a perfect start to your day, get going with the very beneficial Surya Namaskar!

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