Bathroom Remodelling ? A Step-By-Step Guide

Doing a bathroom from scratch is comparatively easier than remodelling or refurbishing one. However, this doesn?t necessarily mean that it is entirely impossible either. One of the common rooms that house owners request to remodel is their bathrooms in order to give them the glam and fresh look that it needs. With the right twists and turns in design, the bathroom can turn out looking more fabulous than ever.

To do the remodelling right though, the process should be done with care and proper structure. Most remodelling projects do not require the need for expansion, but in certain cases where there is extra unused space present, it may be requested.  This may need you to get in touch with proper building contractors in order to do it right. Whereas the interior can be gained in the following steps.

Step 1: Sketch the plan and layout

Every interior designing project starts with a sketch and a floorplan layout, including a remodelling one. Especially with a bathroom remodel as you have to keep a keen eye on the plumbing and electrical structure that already exists in order to avoid causing damages to them. With a proper layout, you can run your remodel around it and get accurate measurements of the place for everything that needs to be done.

bathroom tiles

Step2: Select the tiles and paint

While many save this for the last, which you can too, having a concept and an idea in mind beforehand can help you aim to achieve what you want in a more detailed appropriate manner. This includes selecting the type, colour and design of your bathroom tiles as well as the colour theme that you are going to go with. Most interior designers pin these details to their sketches too.

Step3: Start with the demolishing

Once you?ve got the basic overall ready, your next step is to break down and demolish the old structure of the bathroom in order to start fresh. Doing this without step one can lead to a completely messy situation that you?re going to find hard to clean up. So, ensure all underlying piping and electrical structures are safe in the process of demolishing.

Step4: Check into the plumbing

Often with old bathrooms, plumbing is a constant issue. Having demolished the outlaying structure of the bathroom gives you the opportunity to check on the inside of it such as the plumbing, wiring and etc. Doing this with the help of professional plumbers and electricians can help you achieve better results.

Step5: Start-up with the interior

Once you are done with all the fixing, it?s time to work your magic on the interior designing by putting up the tiles and painting the wall colours as you planned. The other part of the bathroom interior that you need to attend to includes grab bars, shower outlets, and bathroom fixtures like the sink, etc.

Once you have covered all five steps, give the remodel one last look in order to add in the finishing touches!