Think about bathroom features if you want to add value to your property!

bathroom features

What do you look for in your home? Comfort and security. What else would you look for in a home that comes under the premium segment? Luxury. Is your home updated enough to come under the premium bracket when put in the market? Whether you intend to live for years more in your home, or plan to put it up in the market sometime soon, you should always keep upgrading your home so that it justifies its value and becomes an owner?s pride. Trust us when we say this ? a bathroom says a lot to onlookers about you as an owner ? be it your guests or be it potential buyers.

?  The best bathroom features to upgrade your property value!

Upgrading a bathroom is a sizable investment on your part. It would not only make you enjoy a luxurious lifestyle while you are living in the property, but also bring you coveted returns when you put it on the market. So, it would be a smart investment on your part. Now the question arises ? what exactly can you do to make your bathroom feel like a spa haven?

o   Quality floor, ceiling, and tiles ? A bathroom upgradation without the right aesthetics is impossible. This is the first feature that will capture attention. So, invest in the best quality bathroom tiles, super attractive ceiling (think of timber structures, skylights, Fresco murals, plaster mouldings and more) and mesmerising walls (from natural stone to paint ? your choice is limitless). And ensure that your grout work is done perfectly as well.

o   Good sized fixtures ?Your bathroom can’t look lavish without a nice big bathtub, wonderful washbasin (his n her sink is a bonus), and some magnificent faucets. These are the things that make an impression of grandeur.

o   The electric or power shower ?We all have a shower in our bathrooms. So, what is the big deal in yours? For that added oomph, you can think of installing an electrical power shower. The market today is flooded with options to make bathing a luxurious affair ? you shall be spoilt for options.

o   Sufficient lighting ? Illumination is always a catalyst in creating magic. And no matter how lavishly you decorate this space, if the lights are dim, even the glow becomes low. So, remember, you have to install some nice-looking light fixtures which are bright and classy as well ? they should illuminate, create a mood, and also generate a lure.

o ? Bathroom heating system ? A bathroom heating system always brings you brownie points when you sell your house. And especially if you live in a region that sees snow during most part of the year, then this is all the more of an attention seeker. You can opt for advanced features like heated towel rack and under-tiling heating system to make your bathroom more cozy and warm. Just contact Heatwell LTD for bathroom heating upgrades. They have all sorts of excellent solutions for your bathroom and make it the best part of your house.

So, aren?t you excited already? Aren?t we right saying that your bathroom can make or break a deal for your home?

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