Banarasi Silk Saree Supremacy!

Fancy and colorful, Banarasi Silk saree has a rich and lavish history. Banarasi saree is a symbol of elegance and style. It can be easily identified by its intricate design and rich colors. The art of weaving the saree is done on a loom, which is also called an “akhaara”. This process is a skill that has been passed down from generation to generation, and can take up to a year to complete.

Traditional banarasi sarees are made from cotton and silk and embroidered with gold and silver threads. The silk is traditionally woven by hand, and the gold thread is also traditionally hand-woven. The technique is an ancient one and the Banarasi silk saree is one of the most luxurious and expensive sarees available in the world. They are often worn as part of ceremonial events, such as weddings. There are many different types of Banarasi sarees, such as the patola, jamdani, and chanderi, all of which are named after the region where they were first made.

The Banarasi saree is a gorgeous example of the exquisite embroidery work done by the handicrafts of Banaras. These sarees are designed with an innovative pattern of repeating floral motifs in different colors. The motifs are sewn on the sarees in a way that they resemble a diamond. These sarees are made to perfection with intricate work and embroidery. They are made of premium quality silk to give them a rich and luxurious look.

Have you seen influencers and celebrities acing the Banarasi silk saree look so effortlessly?  You can likewise manage to pull off those sarees with an attractive look if you pay attention to the minor details.

So, exactly how-to put-on silk sarees perfectly?

To seek ideas, we began our search and arrived at Tyaar India’s new pure banarasi saree collection. They have impressive silk saree collections with excellent photos on how to wear them magnificently.

Tips to Drape Pure Banarasi Saree-

Right Shade

When it pertains to silk sarees, fifty percent of the fight is won by just picking up the ideal shade, keeping the occasion/event you plan to keep in mind.

For example, deep hues work like magic for late evening days. Nonetheless, a bright red or blue would provide you fresh feelings if you select to use it on early festive early mornings.


As soon as you have grabbed the ideal banarasi silk saree, the following crucial points that will certainly make a huge difference to your entire look is the ideal blouse.

You can enhance the entire banarasi saree look by just playing with your blouse design. If you intend to wear sarees for events and events, then a hefty job blouse will improve your saree appearance.

In case if you plan to wear your sarees for poojas as well as festivals, then a simple informal blouse design would go well. Additionally, you can try out new neck and sleeve styles to make your blouse look fascinating.


The look and feel of a pure banarasi Saree are incomplete without jewelries. Bold and oxidized chokers, necklaces, jhumkas and bangles blend perfectly with a banarasi saree. If you are not fond of antique or gold jewelleries, you can go with silver oxidized jewelry which is getting famous nowadays.

Draping Style

The next thing is the Draping style. The 9 yards of beauty must be draped as though its true style must radiate when you use it.

Clumsy pleats or creases will take away the elegance from your well draped saree look. So, a day prior to you intend to put on, make sure the banarasi silk saree is well settled or ironed. Keep the pleats intact with appropriate safety pins. So, when you actually wear it, it is a breeze to put together whatever.

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