Baby on Board? These Tips Will Help in Baby Proofing your Furniture

    Proofing your Furniture

    If you have a little one on the way or already in the home then as an adult it can be really difficult to know how to properly baby proof your house especially when they start to crawl. Taken together, when was the last time we, as adults, ever thought of jamming our fingers in the power socket or crawl instead of walk or even be oblivious of the sharp corners. We have grown up and have been accustomed to the surroundings as adults but the babies are still learning. Therefore, baby proofing your home to make your little one learn and grow in a safe environment is necessary.

    Furniture Market in Grand Prairie knows this struggle as adults have different perspectives and it could be a difficult task for them to baby proof their place with exact measures. We have been helping families for a long time in this regard and have put together a guide to ease your parenthood.

    Furniture Market Grand Prairie TX Guide:

    Here are some tips on baby proofing which has proved to be very successful overtimes. If you are a new parent or your baby has started to crawl recently then you must give it a read.

    Anchor your Furniture

    Anchoring the furniture is always the first step when it comes to baby-proofing, but it is important to mention every time. Anchors hold your furniture upright and make sure that even in the occurrence of an earthquake, your furniture will not fall over. While crawling if the baby nudges with the furniture, the chances of getting hurt to deplete to zero. Now you can find many furniture that comes with anchoring but still, there are others for which you have to get external anchoring.

    Recently, a study showed that every type of furniture has the tendency to fall over no matter its shape, size, height, or even material. Thus, if the furniture is not anchored and your child grabs onto it then there is a high chance that it might knock over. Living room furniture should always be anchored no matter what. If you are not sure how to properly anchor your furniture then you can have a chat with our staff at Furniture Market in Grand Prairie Alberta and they will guide you the process thoroughly.

    Eliminate Cords

    Make sure that there are no cords lying around on the floor because it increases the chance of toddlers tripping over. For essential electronics like television, you can get an entertainment center or anything else that keeps the cords and other things stored safely n elevated from the ground. Of course, the unit has to be anchored to the wall to make sure that it is safe for a baby to be around.

    Your other cords like mobile chargers or anything else which are usually lying around the house can also cause your toddler to trip over, thus it is best to store them someplace elevated or in a proper storage cabinet.

    Use Cushions

    Even after taking all due precautions, your toddler will trip many times when he/she will first learn to walk. You cannot let this not happen because falling is a part of learning but you can lessen the impact of the fall. For this use as many cushions on the floor of the room in which your toddler is learning to walk, it can be the living room or their nursery. You may also want to add rugs in your living room of you have hardwood floors as this also cushion the inevitable fall of your toddler and minimize the impact. With rugs, you also have to make sure that the anti-slip rug guard is intact so that the rug also does not slip when stepped on.

    Power Sockets

    This is obvious yet very crucial that you always have to cover all the power sockets in your house when baby proofing. Children tend to stick their fingers in the socket which can lead to brutal accidents so it is highly crucial to cover all electronic sockets whether they are placed at a low level or high above.

    Use More Storage

    When you have little ones running around in the house, no object is off limits unless it is stored securely. Kids tend to grab, play, or even throw anything that is within their reach. Thus, it is helpful if you have extra storage to keep your things in. you can invest in furniture which has storage units inside like drawers. Ottoman and chaises are great examples of such furniture. This will not only increase in your seating arrangement but you will also have easy access storage right at your disposal.

    Furniture Market in Grand Prairie TX has been helping families for years to baby-proof their homes and find their dream furniture. You can come to our furniture warehouse and shop for our wide range of family-friendly furniture.

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