Don’t Fall into the Trap: Avoid These Ten Mistakes When Purchasing Used Forklifts

purchasing used forklifts

Do you know that forklift buyers make a lot of mistakes while buying a used forklift? If you don’t know about it, then this article will make you aware of the common mistakes that you can avoid while purchasing used forklifts. But first, you should know where you can find used forklifts. 

Finding used forklifts

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Now, you should know about the mistakes that used forklift buyers make!

Ten mistakes that people make while purchasing used forklifts:-

  1. Not having an inspection: Most of people make this mistake. Sometimes, due to time constraints and, at other times, due to non-seriousness, these folks don’t have a live inspection of the forklift. Although they look at the pics and read the forklift’s description but that’s not enough. Not having an inspection can lead to monetary losses and a lot of work issues with the forklift later. 
  1. Not having a look at the supplier’s reputation: Sometimes, the organizations that need a used forklift are so short on time that they just buy the forklift without looking at the reputation of the supplier. However, a reputable supplier can provide a good quality forklift that won’t break down easily. If this aspect is neglected, then the forklift will have a lot of issues later on. 
  1. Missing the forklift’s demo: Some of the folks who are out to buy used forklifts are in such a hurry that they don’t even take demos. Test riding the forklift and checking its speed and functionality is crucial before making the final purchase. Having a live demo really helps to know whether the forklift is in good condition and also helps in knowing whether it will fulfill all the requirements in the future. Missing the demo will really cost a lot in the future. 
  1. Not analyzing the condition of the battery: In the case of buying a used electric forklift, analyzing the condition of the battery is very important. Buyers don’t usually see the battery’s condition, and this mistake costs a lot in the future, as replacing an exhausted battery is very expensive. Moreover, if the battery dies at the wrong time, then that can disrupt the working of the whole organization. 
  1. Forget to check the fuel efficiency: Used forklifts usually have high fuel consumption. When buying a forklift that is second-hand, many people forget to check the fuel efficiency. It can prove to be very costly later on as the fuel costs can add up really soon. It could waste all the savings that they had in purchasing a used forklift.
  1. Don’t consider safety: Considering the safety of the used forklift and the driver is very important while making a buying decision. A lot of people make this grave mistake that they don’t look at the functioning of the safety features. Moreover, they don’t make sure beforehand that the forklift fulfills all the safety standards. Additionally, they don’t even ensure that the forklift has gone under proper maintenance and inspections or not. 
  1. Not checking the maintenance records: One more mistake that the forklift buyers make is that they do not consider looking at the forklift’s maintenance records. If they do look at it, then they can know the past maintenance schedule of the forklift along with the repairs it has gone through as well. Analyzing the maintenance records can really help in knowing the current condition of the forklift and foreseeing its future condition as well. 
  1. Don’t look at the load capacity: This is a huge mistake that a  lot of people make as they don’t consider the load capacity of the forklift. After buying the forklift, they get to find that the load capacity was less than what they needed according to their requirements. It hampers the efficiency of their work and the usage of the forklift. 
  1. Not calculating the future costs: The forklift’s buyers don’t factor in the future costs like maintenance costs. This mistake costs them a lot of dollars in the future because of the unexpected breakdowns of the forklift and the repair costs that follow. 
  1. Ignore future needs of their business: Most people who buy a used forklift just consider their present needs and ignore their future needs entirely. However, that shouldn’t be the case, as it can compel them to buy another forklift in the near future because of new business plans and mounting work. 

To Conclude:

If you are looking to buy a used forklift, then you should definitely be wary of the ten mistakes that are listed above. In that way, you will save your money, productivity, and employees from safety issues, along with gaining peace of mind.

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