Top Ways to Avoid Mistakes While Choosing a Pool Builder

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Selection of the right pool builder is the first or most crucial step to getting the swimming pool of your dreams on your property. This process involves several considerations, but how do you know that you have hired the proper builder?

How to choose the best among pool builders on Queensland? The best way to choose a pool builder without having a disastrous experience is by consulting references. Enquire about how many projects they handled the previous year and solicit the list of references in that period. This can lead to illuminating answers.

Yet, customer satisfaction is but one of the first steps in finding the right pool builder. There are several factors that can determine which is the best one for you. Every builder is different with regard to the style of pool you desire, the materials used for building it, and the nature of customer service provided.

Following are some ways to avoid mistakes while hiring a pool builder:

Checking the reputation and integrity of the builder

The ideal way to vet the new pool builder is to peruse the references of the company; however, you must not be satisfied with the bare minimum on offer. This is the chance for you to find out whether or not the builder will be able to complete the work you need and even exceed your expectations.

Keep in mind that you are vetting them for a job opportunity and not vice versa. Seeking references from the builder needs more than simply soliciting information. For instance, when you seek references, you may not know how old they are and so the information may not be relevant.

So, begin by ascertaining how many pools the builder handled in the previous year. Note that some builders might inflate such numbers to appear highly successful. So, the next step is to request references from that year.

If only half of the customers are ready to provide positive references for the builder, it implies that the latter has around a 50% success rate. Seeking references from the company rep in a direct fashion will also let you know the builder’s willingness to comply with a basic request. If he or she is hesitant to provide this information, you must not proceed with doing business with this company.

In case you get references, call them directly and check with them how their business with the particular builder fared- whether there was good communication, what the best aspects were and what the worst were. Question them about how the builder handled challenges they faced and whether they would be ready to do or recommend future business with the builder in question.

Honesty and transparency are the hallmarks of a good company, and you can entrust the task of building your pool for a fantastic experience. Another option to check the reputation of the companies is to read online reviews such as those on social media. This will help you narrow down choices.

Know your desires

Your aim behind installing a pool can aid you in avoiding typical sales traps. Adhering to the credo that function dictates form, the aims behind your dream pool will determine the kind of pool of your choice.

For instance, if your objective is to use the pool mainly for entertainment, you might wish to include mood lighting and specialty features like a spa. If it is for family fun, then you might wish to add safety features like a pool fence surrounding the pool to help protect kids from any dangers in the water.

You should not consider only short-term reasons but also your long-term objectives of the pool. Will you need a diving board after a year or a deep end of the pool at the same time? Note that deep ends of the pool are less popular, so it is good to keep the pool in a shallow design.

Consider the following questions:

  • What is the main use of the pool?
  • What kind of pool do you desire?
  • What is the age group of the main users of the pool?
  • What is the most crucial feature of the pool?
  • What is your authentic budget?

Choosing the kind of pool

Is your dream pool an amazing infinity pool or a basic in-ground pool or a lap pool? Based on the kind of pool you desire; you can find a pool builder who can transform your dream into a reality.

In fact, it is good to decide on the type of pool before searching for a builder. The reason is that not all builders may have the experience or expertise to build the pool of your dreams.

Consider the past records of pool builders and how they fare in the kind of pool you have in mind. Though a competent builder needs to be flexible in his business of pool design, if their portfolio comprises of pools that are variations of the same theme, you need to look elsewhere.

Determine budget

Have you faced a situation where the company rep of a builder put tremendous pressure on you to seek highly expensive options? Setting a budget for your pool project at the start can help you avoid such situations. Such activities by the sales rep of a builder can also serve as an early warning signal.

When the sales rep of a builder does not respect your ideas of a project budget, it means that you may need to rethink about the company. Pushy sales persons will continually put pressure on you to spend on highly expensive bells and whistles and brush away your concerns about your budget with disdain.

Though the reason they state is that ‘you want the best’, it is better to follow the principle of ‘going for the best you can afford’. Such pushy tactics of company reps prove to be a lack of respect that will only get worse after the project progresses. It will only lead to more headaches and stress in the future.


Though checking for the certification of the builder is usually done at the research and reference stage, it is vital to do this at the start of the project. Very often, pool builders may be found working without proper certification, which implies that you are not covered if any issues arise.

Only certified builders can evaluate situations and plan better to avoid any swimming hazards that are specific to your pool and its location. It is good to check the claims of those builders who say they are certified. It is better to be safe rather than sorry before investing money in this huge project.

In sum, hiring pool builders to build the pool of your dreams on your property is a major investment that needs careful planning and execution to avoid expensive mistakes. Selecting the right pool builder, like Burleigh Pools, is a vital step to ensure the success of your pool project.