The Average Car Insurance Cost for Subaru WRX

Have you ever thought about the cost of car insurance for your Subaru WRX? If so, you’re not alone in wanting to find out this cost. As for me, I was curious about the average cost of a Subaru WRX and also wanted to know if my own car insurance would be cheaper than my friend’s. In this article, I will breakdown the average car insurance costs for a Subaru WRX.

What is the average car insurance cost for a Subaru WRX?

The average insurance cost for a Subaru WRX is $1,578.? There are various factors that determine the average cost of car insurance for a Subaru WRX. Some of these factors include the type of coverage, the make and model of the car, your driving record, and personal factors such as your age, sex, location and more.?

car insurance for a Subaru WRX

For a 2017 Subaru WRX, the average car insurance cost is $1,174 a year. This includes liability, property damage, medical payments, and collision coverage. Many car owners are surprised when they find out that their Subaru WRX is not the cheapest car to insure.  A Subaru WRX typically costs about $4,000 per year. This is a little higher than the average of $3,900 for all other cars.

What factors influence the price of a car insurance policy?

The insurance company bases their prices on a number of factors, such as the car’s make, model, and year. Age is also an important factor in determining a car’s insurance cost. The main thing that affects the price of your policy is when you’re going to be driving it. Someone who plans to drive every day will have higher rates than someone who only drives occasionally.

The factors that influence the price of a car insurance policy include the age of the vehicle, the number of miles driven each year and what type of coverage is included in the policy. The price for this insurance varies depending on geographical location, driving record and personal driving habits.

When does that price increase?

The price of car insurance for a Subaru WRX can vary depending on where the driver lives. It is not uncommon for drivers of this model to pay upwards of $30 each month. That being said, the cost can also be reduced by taking safety precautions such as purchasing auto insurance that covers liability and collision. The cost of car insurance for a Subaru WRX starts at $1,138 per year.  The average cost for car insurance on a Subaru WRX is nearly double the average cost of other cars.

There are many factors that contribute to this price increase, such as higher levels of theft and vandalism, the cost of repairs, poor driving records, and many more.

Can You Negotiate Your Car Insurance Policy Cost?

You are struggling to afford your car insurance policy and want to know if you can negotiate a lower rate. The answer is yes, you can negotiate your car insurance policy cost. There are four main factors that help determine the final price of your car insurance policy: your zip code, your driving history, the type of vehicle you drive and the value of your vehicle when it is totaled.

The more expensive the vehicle, the higher the premium. If you have had an accident in the past and are up for renewal, you might have an advantage in negotiating a better price before renewing with another company.


The average insurance cost for a Subaru WRX in between $1,765 and $3,895. Subaru WRX is generally a very safe car, and last year Subaru was ranked the top best-selling vehicle in the United States. However, it is expensive to buy one.