How Are AUA Graduates Successfully Practicing In The USA?

aua graduates

AUA or the American University of Antigua has assisted a huge number of students to achieve their dreams of becoming doctors. Its graduates can practice in varied parts of the world. Especially in the United States, UK and Canada. The graduates of this school have established successful careers. Followed by clinical rotations, they have received opportunities to get residency placements at highly reputed teaching hospitals throughout the US. The same is due to the education, practical knowledge, support, and guidance provided to the students by this school of medicine. Not only have they formed their careers but also achieved various awards in the US, indicating their success.

Valuing Alumni for their Dedication and Journeys

Every year, AUA records the success of many students who complete their graduation. It values each and every alumnus who initiates the wonderful start of their medical education with this university in Antigua and Barbuda.

For its Alumni, this school of medicine in the Caribbean region has a dedicated Alumni association The primary goal of the AUA Alumni Association is to forge enduring connections among alumni, faculty, and students at the American University of Antigua. By fostering lifelong bonds within the alumni network and facilitating interactions between alumni, faculty, and students, the Association strives to cater to the diverse needs of its members. Through various initiatives, it endeavors to support the professional growth of its members in the medical field, while also facilitating connections with fellow medical professionals, influential political figures, and renowned speakers’ bureaus.

 Teachers at the American University of Antigua believe that their students come with big dreams and endless dedication to their careers. They make rigorous efforts to become the best students and ultimately, the most talented doctors. For their dedication, this school of medicine values them to the finest extent.

AUA Graduates Make it to the News

Numerous graduates of AUA, recognized as the Best Medical University in the USA for Indian Students, have earned a name for their exceptional practices and careers. Many of them have been contributing to society for years. As they practice across different locations in the USA and worldwide, they continue to earn recognition and make the university proud of its graduates.

 While there are multiple stories to be inspired by, given below are the most remarkable ones:

Dr. Jake Allison: SCFP Resident Leadership Award

Dr. Jake Allison attended AUA and received a Doctor of Medicine degree. He has also attained the Human Health Sciences Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. The highly qualified and knowledgeable graduate, Mr. Allison was presented with the SCFP Resident Leadership Award. This achievement indicated his leadership abilities during his final year of residency in the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan.

Dr. Zachary Fallon: Board-Certified Physician (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)

The well-reputed Dr. Zachary Fallon graduated from AUA. Later, he completed the program Master of Business Administration at Plymouth State University. Afterward, the Board-Certified Physician completed his residency via Kingsbrook Rehabilitation Institute in Brooklyn and then finished his internship in surgery at New York’s The Brooklyn Hospital Center.

Dr. Fallon is identified for completing the accredited fellowship via the North American Spine Society. This fellowship concentrated on the interventional spine as well as musculoskeletal medicine. Alongside his excellent career in medicine, the physician is a talented member of the men’s soccer team at a reputed school.

Dr. Nicklaus Bradley: A Successful Physician Since 4 Years

For his medical education, Dr. Nicklaus Bradley went to the American University of Antigua (AUA), the top school for medicine in Antigua and Barbuda. 4 and a half years ago, he began practicing as a family doctor at the Harbor Beach Medical Clinic in Michigan. Dr. Bradley has gathered numerous experiences throughout his education and career that establish him as a talented physician.

Words of Admiration from AUA Graduates

 The graduates of AUA express that they are successfully practicing as doctors in the United States. They are grateful to the university for shaping their careers majorly. According to these graduates who are now successful physicians, the foundational knowledge provided by this school has been significant.

As per one of the graduates, Parija Sharedalal, this school of medicine provided ample support throughout the educational journey. Realizing her true potential, AUA shaped her career to help the student become an interventional cardiologist in New Jersey.

University Guidance and Students’ Achievements

AUA’s guidance is outstanding as it is personalized for students. Their interest areas with respect to medicine are identified. Accordingly, they are guided to become specialized in those areas.

Receiving such guidance, this university’s graduates have made notable achievements. Some of these are:

‚óŹ Dr. Jasmine Marcelin (2011) achieved the 2024 Alliance Award for her dedication/leadership in academic internal medicine.

‚óŹ From the class of 2014, Dr. Kirill Alekseyev received the Leading Physicians of the World plaque award.

‚óŹ Dr. Gilbert Andrew Velasquez (2018) was a physician in California‚Äôs Kaiser Permanente, who was later promoted to the Physician Module Leader.

Drawing to a Close

The American University of Antigua is a well-known medical school. It is dedicated to making its students successful. Undeniably, the graduates of AUA have made significant names in various areas of medicine. They successfully practice in the United States and set up examples of the most inspiring doctors in the country.