What Psychologists Have Discovered About Sunglasses?

    attribute of sunglasses

    The main attribute of sunglasses is that they protect your eye health from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. However, we cannot deny that they have become a fashionable accessory, which we wear with pride. We choose it carefully and match it with the clothing style.

    Behind a pair of sunglasses, we are not only protected from UV rays, but we feel even more confident, say, psychologists. You have probably noticed that when you wear sunglasses you feel better, you have the impression that the world around you looks at you differently, and you have a more relaxed attitude. You need to know that you are not alone, and psychologists have noticed these things. So they have studied different behavior once sunglasses for men and women are wearing.

    Here are the conclusions they reached:

    Sunglasses make you feel more attractive

    Psychologist Glenn Wilson, a professor at the University of London, studied the effect of sunglasses on a wearer’s attitude. He concluded that when you wear sunglasses, you feel more confident and attracted to the opposite sex.

    “Sunglasses give us a degree of anonymity so shy people tend to do things they wouldn’t normally do – wear certain clothes, for example,” Dr. Wilson told BBC News. Another factor that makes you feel better when wearing sunglasses is that people around you do not know where you look or who do not see your eyes.

    After a series of focus group studies, Dr. Wilson noted that sunglasses are not just a tool that people wear when the light is too strong. People wear glasses because they make them look and feel better, says the psychologist.

    The multitude of models, colors, and shapes have made it very easy to find the pair that will benefit you, which is why they become like the clothes or other accessories you wear to highlight your beautiful features. They make you feel more attractive and more confident precisely because you know they are to your advantage

    The connection between sunglasses and movie characters

    The same psychologist noticed another reason why people change their attitude when wearing sunglasses – Hollywood and the fascination for characters from popular movies. For example, men are often inspired by mysterious or even dangerous characters – Tony Montana, Maverick – in choosing outfits, and dark sunglasses are found in their look.

    On the other hand, women are inspired by stylish ladies and choose sunglasses similar to those seen in famous movies with strong and well-individualized female characters. Wearing a pair of glasses identical to a famous woman, we can understand how the attitude is positively influenced.

    How the mood influences the color of the lenses

    When someone says he “sees the world in pink,” he refers, as we all know, to overflowing optimism. Sunglasses make it possible to look at the world in any shade you want, and it contributes a lot to your mood.

    Psychologists have identified several links between chromatics and our mood. Studies have shown, for example, that we are more relaxed when we look at the color blue, or that our pulse increases when we look at the color red. Therefore, it is explicable why the color of the lenses influences your mood.

    For example, if you wear a pair of sunglasses with lenses that give an orange shade to all the things you look at, you will feel more relaxed. Also, if the sunglasses you are wearing are very dark, this may signal your brain to secrete more melatonin, and therefore you may feel tired and sleepy. Shades of green, on the other hand, will make you feel more creative.

    Do you notice a change in your attitude when you wear sunglasses? Do you feel more confident?


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