What is the Difference Between ATS and Recruitment System? 

ATS and recruitment system

Have you ever used the ATS and recruitment system interchangeably? If yes, you might be shocked that these two are different entities. The former looks after the overall hiring process, and the latter is an expert in sourcing. Continue reading, and you will learn more about the difference between the applicant tracking system and the recruiting system.


Many a time, ATS and recruitment systems are synonymous with each other. But that isn’t true. 

An ATS and recruitment system differs in multiple ways. The primary purpose of an applicant tracking system is to ease the overall hiring process for the company or the recruiter. However, the main purpose of a recruitment software is much broader than that of an ATS. 

The recruitment system carries out the work related to the hiring process with a broader sense. So, rather than just focusing merely on the hiring process of the company, the recruiting system pays attention to the overall needs of the HR team. Thus making it the genus and ATS its species. 

Still confused between an applicant tracking software USA and a recruiting system? Worry not! We will go through the concept along with the differences in detail below. So, scroll further to first understand what an ATS is.

What is an ATS system? 

An ATS is software made for easing the hiring process of the company. Thus, it carries out all the related clerical work like vacancy posting, resume sorting, resume parsing, and similar. In addition, it focuses on reducing the time needed for hiring candidates and helps the recruiter make a quick hire. 

Further, let us look at an ATS system’s features. An applicant management software has multiple features that help ease the recruiter’s hiring process. Eventually, it reduces the time required for hiring candidates and simplifies recruitment. Some of the features are:

  • Vacancy posting 

An applicant tracking system can post vacancies on multiple platforms with a click. So, the recruiter just needs to insert the information related to the vacancy, and the software does the other related work for it. Also, it makes an apt vacancy and posts it around the Internet. 

  • Tracking candidates

This is one of the important features of an ATS. An applicant tracking software tracks the candidates during the hiring process. It is one of the most crucial jobs of his software. As a result, this helps the recruiter to determine the number of candidates and their status during the hiring process. 

  • Resume parsing 

It is as good as impossible to manually read hundreds of resumes daily and determine the best among them. Thus, an ATS saves this job for the recruiter. So, it parses the resumes and makes them short and easy to read. Also, it extracts only the relevant information from the resume and puts it into an easy-to-read format. 

Moving forward, let us look at what a recruiting system is and its features to understand the difference between ATS and recruitment system.

What is a recruitment system? 

A recruitment system helps the HR team in the overall process of hiring. So, clerical work like resume sorting, parsing, vacancy posting, and others are just one part of the hiring process. Thus, the software is responsible for sailing the whole ship rather than just a part of it. Further, let us take a look at the features of the recruiting system. 

  • Applicant tracking system

ATS and recruitment systems are pretty similar to each other. So, a question may arise: why are they so similar? The answer is that a recruitment software system includes an ATS system, too. So, if you are investing in such a system, you will automatically get a chance to enjoy the benefits of an ATS system. 

  • Marketing through emails 

A recruitment system allows you to send multiple emails to multiple candidates with a click. So you can communicate with multiple candidates at a time. Hence, if needed, you can even send the vacancies to multiple candidates using this feature. As a result, it is one of the most time and money-saving ways to search for a suitable candidate. 

  • CRM

Candidate relationship management is another feature of a recruitment system. Maintaining a good relationship with the candidates can prove beneficial to the company. Thus moving towards the betterment of the company. Additionally, it attracts multiple candidates with the help of a powerful AI and manages the candidates as well.

Now that we have seen the features of both ATS and recruitment systems let us look further at the key differences.

The key differences between ATS and recruitment system

Although many functions and abilities of the ATS and recruitment system are similar, they differ in many ways. The differences are as follows:

BasisATS Recruitment system 
PurposeAn applicant tracking software (ATS) is made with the purpose of managing and organizing applicant data. Along with the functions of an ATS, the recruitment system can cover various aspects of the hiring process, such as candidate sourcing, assessment tests, candidate relationship management, etc. 
Scope of the softwareThe applicant tracking system mainly focuses on speeding up the hiring process for the recruiter. Thus, it pays maximum attention to resumes and application management. The recruitment system is a much broader concept. It is not limited to just one aspect of hiring. As a result, it covers the entire process of hiring, from posting vacancies to the onboarding of new employees. 
FeaturesATS concentrates on managing applications and resumes. As a result, it includes sorting resumes, ranking the applicants, storing their data, and parsing them. The recruitment system provides multiple sets of tools that manage multiple aspects of hiring. As a result, this includes communication tools, sourcing tools, marketing gadgets, and similar. 
Scalability and ComplexityATS is easy to use and offers hiring alternatives that are more efficient. They are, therefore, ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that wish to carry out a simple hiring procedure.The recruitment system is much more scalable and robust, which is perfect for large-scale companies or job agencies where multiple candidates are hired and vacancies are generated. 
IntegrationATS is integrated with HRIS, a human resource information system. Similar to ATS, HRIS is used to store and track data. So, as soon as a candidate is hired through the ATS, their data will be transferred to the HRIS automatically. The recruitment system is often integrated with CRM systems. This helps to maintain relations with potential talented candidates and vendors. As these two have similar natures, it is easy to share data and create a huge talent pool. 

This is how we can differentiate ATS and recruitment systems. So, taking a step ahead, let us see which system to choose and for what reasons. Not only this! Deciding on these aspects will surely make you pick the best and experience the best possible outcomes throughout your hiring journey.

ATS and recruitment system: What to choose and why?

Choosing between an ATS and recruitment system can be pretty confusing. If you are a company in the USA and need candidates on a routine basis for vacancies, you should go for an ATS system like Pitch N Hire. It will surely help you in the overall hiring process of the candidates with no hassle and glitches.

However, if you are a recruitment agency in the USA and need to source candidates on an extensive scale, you should go for a recruiting system. Recruitment software/system is one that can assist you in hiring bulk candidates from the database of active and passive candidates more effectively. 

However, if you want to save on hefty costs, we recommend using the best hiring software, Pitch N Hire. 

Why, you might ask? Here are the reasons below – 

  • AI-Powered Dashboard
  • Workflows Management
  • In-App Notifications
  • Role-Based Access
  • Site Administration
  • Single Sign-On Option
  • Interview Feedback Portal
  • Live Chat, Award-Winning Support & Onboarding

Impressive! Isn’t it?

What does the future hold for ATS and recruitment system?

The future of an ATS and recruitment system will largely be affected by technological advancements and changing future needs. We have elaborated on this further: 

  • Artificial intelligence 

AI will have a huge impact on the enhancement of these systems. Hence, it will be used for various tasks like interaction with the candidates through chatbots, automatic emails to candidates, and other facilities. 

  • Candidate experience 

The candidates can be quite expressive regarding their experiences on the Internet. Thus, an ATS and recruitment system will enhance their candidate experience through a better interface, mobile-friendly application, and more to gain more positive reviews. 

  • Analysis and predictions 

These systems will help the user predict and analyze the candidate flow, the number of applications the company might receive, and what strategies the company should use to attract the maximum number of people. Thus, this will help in better organization.

  • Social media and tapping global talent 

Social media is one of the greatest ways to tap global talent. Hence, the ATS and recruitment system will have an in-built integration with the social media platforms that will help in acquiring global talent.


An ATS and recruitment system are deeply correlated to each other. Hence, many a time, their names are used interchangeably. However, if you look at the aims of this software individually, you might understand why they differ. 

If you ask us, Pitch N Hire is the perfect solution for your hiring needs. Because it not only sources candidates but also helps ease the hiring process. So, this ATS also gives you the benefits of a recruitment system! So, book a free demo today and try it for yourself!

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How does ATS help with recruiting?
Ans. An ATS system USA efficiently carries out the clerical work related to the hiring process, like posting vacancies, sorting resumes, ranking applications, and similar tasks. Thus, this reduces the time needed to hire candidates and helps with recruiting the candidates. 

Q2. How do you use ATS effectively?
Ans. You can use ATS more effectively by inserting limited and precise data for the software to proceed. This way, the software can make precise vacancies to post around the Internet. This is how you can use the applicant tracking system effectively. Also, choose an ATS that fits your needs. 

Q3. Why should you use an ATS?
Ans. Using an ATS hiring software helps streamline the hiring process for the recruiter. So, you can easily save time and pay attention to other crucial activities of your company rather than wasting your whole time hiring candidates. Thus, this is why you should use an ATS.

Q4. How do I know if a job agency is using ATS?
Ans. If a job agency has multiple job vacancies or candidates ready at their disposal to fill the vacancy, the agency is using an ATS. Hence, it is as good as impossible to source good quality candidates and job vacancies in bulk without the help of good applicant tracking software USA.

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