7 Styles You Can Try With Ash Blonde Hair

Unless you’ve been living off-grid, you’ve already seen how beautiful ash blonde hair is!

The ash blonde hair color produces remarkable results with cool-toned skin and gray, blue, or green eyes. This hair color works like a charm on people with all skin tones, including dark, medium, and olive skin tones!

Pairing a cool ash blonde color with your skin tone is easy because of the ash blonde variants. You can choose shades of gray, silver, white, or champagne with root shadows, balayage, highlights, and babylights to suit your skin tone and achieve the desired ash blonde look. 

The only problem with hair coloring is that it breaks your hair!?

So, hair experts at Beyond Extensions recommend using human hair extensions to protect your hair from color damage.?

So, we have rounded up the top 7 styles that’ll transform you from “nay” to “yay” in an instant! Pick your favorite from the stunning shades of ash blonde hair below.

This Blog Includes: 

  • Long Wavy Ash Blonde Babylights
  • Ash Blonde Balayage
  • Champagne Ash Blonde Hair
  • Root Melt Ash Blonde Hair
  • Ash Blonde Mermaid Waves
  • Ashy Mushroom Blonde
  • Icy Ash Blonde Hair
  • Final Thoughts

1 Wavy Ash Blonde Babylights

Wavy Ash Blonde Hair with Babylights

We present the wavy, ash blonde babylights of your dreams. This ashy do is made up of ash blonde babylights with a hint of subtle waves.??

The simple babylight formula produces cool tones that never look flat but rather brilliant and multi-tonal by revealing hidden light reflections in the hair.?

Consider subtle, soft, and realistic-looking ash blonde tones, which go well with your long wavy hair. 

You can direct the babylights toward the ends or concentrate them around the face for a framing effect – after all, it depends on your preference. 

This cool shade is attractive to people with cool skin tones, but it can be tough to pull off with short hair. 

So, we recommend clip-in hair extensions to slay this magical shade with extra-long hair.?

2 Ash Blonde Balayage

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Ash Blonde Balayage Hair

This fab beachy ash blonde hair oozes ashy highlights with a hint of filmed-over, sunkissed brown highlights.?

With ash blonde balayage, you can give your naturally dark hair more depth and character for a stylish look.?

The hand-painted ashy blonde Balayage coloring technique creates a graduated natural-looking effect. 

But if you prefer a soft, sunkissed look, you can use a color just a few shades (1 or 2) lighter than your natural hair color.

Complete this stylish look with dark tones throughout the roots and a hint of silver on the ends. The darker roots fading into ashy blonde results in a root shadow and maintain the dark-to-light contrast. 

Make sure the face-framing layers receive adequate highlights to make the color pop.

3 Champagne Ash Blonde Hair

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Champagne Ash Blonde Hair?

Champagne ash blonde is a versatile, simple-to-wear tint that successfully balances warm and cold tones.?

Women love this champagne blonde hair because it looks multidimensional with ash blonde roots gradually fading into champagne color.?

You can add layers to this stunning ash blonde hair to add more oomph, texture, and definition. The natural undertones of champagne blonde give your hair lift and shape.

Although many might agree that this ash blonde color suits lighter skin tones, it works as a daring, stylish look for women with darker skin tones! 

4 Root Melt Ash Blonde Hair

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Root Melt Ash Blonde Hair

The root melt is arguably the ideal balayage technique worth spending your hard-earned money on. The root melt balayage technique promises a flawless, well-blended ash blonde hair color.?

The root melt technique is finally receiving the attention it deserves after being long overshadowed by other hair coloring techniques. 

It is perfect for achieving the dreamy gradient that we all strive for, where you can’t tell where one hue starts and the other begins.

The roots of this root melt style start dark gray at the top and become brilliant blonde at the ends. Style this look with some long, textured waves to raise the bold factor.

5 Ash Blonde Mermaid Waves

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Ash Blonde Mermaid Waves

Ash blonde hair colors can lighten your dark hair and soften them for a romantic fairy tale look.?

Look at the smooth blending of the ash blonde highlights on mermaid waves. Ash blonde highlights have given mermaid waves a brilliant gloss that everyone will fall for.

The shade gradually gets lighter toward the ends, creating a multi-tonal appearance that seems contemporary and new! Talk about a stunning finish!

You can go lighter, brighter, and blonder or use warmer hues for a minor variation. Go with what suits you best! 

6 Ashy Mushroom Blonde

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Ashy Mushroom Blonde

Ashy mushroom blonde is the newest trend that has recently become a hot topic among fashionistas.?

Take note that this newest shade will win you over if you seek the coolest, ash blonde color.  

This stunning hair trend is neither blonde nor brunette, but a combination of brunette, brown, and ash blonde. Whatever you may call it, this style is here to stay and rock your hair!  

A combination of subtle brown highlights near the roots, gradually transitioning to ash blonde, gives you the best hair color that none can beat! 

7 Icy Ash Blonde Hair

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Icy Ash Blonde Hair

Here is the perfect ash blonde color for the winter – an icy ash blonde as cool as snowflakes.

This cold, brilliant blonde can give your ash color an ice blonde twist, transforming your hair into an all-over brightened tone. Lowlights at the top, followed by color at the roots and ends, create a subtle dimension.

This contemporary ash blonde hair color is a go-to winter style for models and celebrities. All you need is the long wavy mane to rock this excellent winter hair color. Your stylist will do the rest!?

Final Thoughts

Take screenshots of these 7 coolest ash blonde hair colors and make an appointment with your stylist ? it?s never too early to be gorgeous!?

Show the pictures to your stylist and discuss well before beginning with the highlights to achieve the best ash blonde hair color.?

As mentioned, hair colors can be detrimental to your natural hair. So, we recommend using human hair clip-in extensions from Beyond extensions. Their clip-ins are as good as your natural hair ? actually, their clip-ins are better than most of our hair! Your Color, Your Way! Find a matching extension from 12 multi-tonal shades for your chosen ash blond style.?