How AngularJS Is Preferred Framework For Software Development

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework used for creating web applications. The framework was developed in the year 2012 by one of the well-known companies in the world Google. The programming language used in the creation of AngularJS is JavaScript. It allows the user to use HTML as the template language for your websites and applications.

This article informs you about the reasons why many users prefer to use AngularJS over other javascript frameworks. Even top software development companies give the first priority to AngularJS while creating a flexible single page application.?

The powerful features offered by AngularJS are the main reason why it has become the first choice of many web app developers

List of Some Powerful Features that makes AngularJS a Preferred Framework for Software Development

Here is a list of some amazing features of AngularJS which makes it the best framework among all others. All of these features are very powerful and helps the user in developing software and websites quickly.

1. Model View Controller Feature

The first amazing feature of AngularJS is MVC, it is a pattern of design used in developing a web application. MVC are three different things:-

  • Model – The thing responsible for managing the data for a web application and also the pattern used at the very first level is known as Model. The data managed by the model is in the simplest form. 
  • View – The view manages all the data or content which the user sees or interacts with. The whole responsibility of presenting the data is in the hands of View.
  • Controller – As the name implies controller, controls the data with model and view. It receives the inputs from the user and does the further processing. At the end gives an output to the user, after verifying all the data. 

This MVC feature of AngularJS allows the developer to create a different user-based application very easily. This is the first reason for selecting the AngularJS framework.

2. HTML User Interface

The HTML language is used for building the user interface in this JavaScript framework. HTML is a much easier and simpler language as compared to other languages used in the development of a web application. The rest of the development part is carried out by JavaScript, only the user interface is developed by HTML language.

Developers face some difficulties while developing a user interface with the JavaScript language. AngularJS understands this and they allow the developers to build an interface of their own choice with the help of HTML. This feature of AngularJS is very helpful for all the developers of web applications.

3. Routing 

Another reason why users prefer the AngularJS framework over other frameworks is the feature of routing. The transition from the first view to some other view is known as routing. Routing is the main aspect of applications with a single page. As all the work needs to be carried on one single page, routing becomes very essential.

When the application is a single page application, the option of redirecting the user to a different page is not possible. Developers are required to create multiple menus and sub-menus. AngularJS helps the developers in doing this. With this feature, we came to know about the third reason why users prefer the AngularJS framework.

4. Plain Old JavaScript Objects

AngularJS framework uses plain old JavaScript objects(POJO), as compared to other JavaScript frameworks. This means that the developers are not required to add any additional setter and getter elements to use additional data on the AngularJS framework. This particular POJO model provides the developers with well-planned and spontaneous objects.

With the help of the POJO model, developers are allowed to reframe and adjust the loops of objects created. That makes this JavaScript framework very easy to use and self-sufficient. 

5. Community Offered by Google 

The community of expert developers which a user gets to interact with, is also a big reason why many users choose AngularJS over other similar JavaScript frameworks. We all know that AngularJS is developed by Google, and Google itself has a huge number of developers. Also, many other developers are part of this community provided by AngularJS.

A user can easily get its queries solved here within a short period of time. Some of the expert developers are always available on this platform for the help of other developers.

6. Binding from Two Ways 

We have already seen the different usage of the data in the first feature of AngularJS. The MVC feature sets a limit to the usage of the data. Binding of the data means synchronizing the data automatically between view and model.

AngularJS allows the developers to build templates that are capable of binding different types of models and components together. Yet this is another reason why AngularJS is preferred over other JavaScript frameworks.


Now when you know about all the major features of the AngularJS framework, you might have understood the reason why most users choose this framework. The whole process of developing a website or application becomes very easy when a user uses this JavaScript framework.

If you have any questions left behind regarding the AngularJS framework. Leave them in the comments sections below. Your questions will be answered in a short span of time.

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