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    Moving to another place? It?s not an easy-peasy job. Before the move, it is significant to pack all your belongings in sturdy cardboard removal boxes to prevent them from damage. There are myriad boxes to pick from but remember each box has its specific purpose and works great for certain item types. 

    Folks, sooner, or later you have to begin with the hectic task of packing your clothes. Make sure you purchase the right wardrobe storage boxes and devote your attention to the proper packing of clothes. After all, nobody wants their expensive clothes to become wrinkled, crippled and crumpled during the move. It?s disheartening! However, with the right tips and approach by your side, you can make your move a seamless endeavour.

    The hack is how effectively you can pack your belongings into these boxes without any sort of damage. Once you discovered or packed a few boxes, you will figure out that it is seamlessly easy to pack wardrobe boxes, and it is a very practical box to use.

    Here goes this guide-

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    What are the Wardrobe Boxes?

    Wardrobe storage boxes as the name proposes is specifically crafted to safely transport hanging clothes during transit. Friends, the interesting thing is it can also be used to pack unusually shaped items. These standard boxes make sure that your clothes are shifted without being crimpled and cluttered.

    If you are looking for quality and sturdy wardrobe boxes in first place Packaging Express is your go-to destination.

    What are the items to be packed in the Wardrobe box?

    Pondering what items could be packed in a standard wardrobe box?

    Take a read-

    • Jackets
    • Expensive Dresses
    • Coats
    • Pants
    • Hanging closets clothes

    Advantages of using the Wardrobe boxes

    The benefits are as follows-

    • Yes, your dear clothes remain safe, wrinkle-free, and intact and free from dust during move.
    • The standard box ensures that your clothes are stored safely and hanged properly.
    • Your clothes can be seamlessly packed and unpacked.
    • Once you reach your new destination it will be easy for you to unpack your stuff with wardrobe boxes.


    When the wardrobe box will be delivered it will be flat right?

    To begin with, commence with flipping it over and taping the bottom shut. It is a bit difficult and intimidating to assemble a wardrobe box but not impossible.

    Take a read-

    • Adjust the hanging bar into the two slots on the sides of the boxes. Transfer clothes from your wardrobe.
    • Umm, you could adjust stuff like shoes, belts, purses, or other light items such as pillows in the middle of the wardrobe box. Do it rightly!
    • Make sure you don?t overstuff on the floor of the box.
    • The interesting part is you could also pack odd-shaped items inside a wardrobe box.
      • paper rolls
      • tools
      • artificial plants
    • Once the boxes are filled with stuff fold up all the tabs and tape the box nicely at the top & you are good to go.

    This is indeed a very useful as well as a creative box to use.

    Because of the size and functionality, these boxes are a bit expensive than those of regular boxes.

    I hope it has been a useful read. Until we come up with another blog have a great time guys.

    Wish you a Happy Move

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