List Of All Exclusive Cars Under 6 Lakhs

Cars are the best of all options we have for traveling. Each day a new model is released with totally different features. The basic reason for the release of these models is the need for better features. Better features in terms of efficiency, power, battery life, look, sport and adventure, etc. When it comes to various of the automobile industries then in India, we have lots of automobile showrooms. Also, some individuals have a craze for new cars with trendy features. Indian customers import cars from other countries as well.

There are many such billionaires too who are waiting daily for a new model. In this blog, we have prepared a list of cars under 6 lakhs. We have also included topics like best car under 6 lakhs in India 2021, Cars under 6 lakhs, best cars under 6 lakhs, Cars under 6 lakhs in India, etc. So let us begin to discuss them one by one.

1. Tata Tiago

2. Nissan Magnite

3. Tata Punch

4. Honda Brio 2020

Let?s discuss the features and specifications in details:

1. Tata Tiago –

This all-new Tata Tiago is first and topmost in the List of cars under 6 lakhs. Presently it has been added to the list of best cars under 6 lakhs in India 2021. This all-new TATA TIAGO is a five-seater hatchback. It has a price of approx. 4.99 lakh. Yes, this is also true that on-road price is added along with charges and insurance. Its features like mileage of 19.8 to 23.84 km, the engine of 1199 cc makes it the best car under 6 lakhs.?

2. Nissan Magnite –

Next we move on to the all-new Nissan magnate. This is also included in the list of best cars under 6 lakhs in India 2021, Best cars under 6 lakhs because of the wide variety of features that this car provides one with. The Nissan magnate has 1 petrol engine that of 199 cc. It also has automatic features and obviously manual transmission.?

Nissan Magnite Price - Images, Colours & Reviews - CarWale

It provides a mileage of 17.7 to 20.0kmpl. It is also a 5-seater car. The length and width are 3994mm and 1758mm respectively. The wheelbase is 2500mm.

3. Tata Punch-

Another car on the list of cars under 6 lakhs in India is the Tata punch. It has an engine of 1198 cc. The torque generated by it is approx. 114nm. The box type is similar to that of an SUV. The transmission type is manual. It starts at Rs. 5.00 lakhs. It has got very powerful steering and, it?s a spacious car.

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4. Honda Brio 2020-

The new HONDA BRIO 2020 is a seater hatchback. It offers a petrol engine of 1198 cc. The torque and power are approximately 109nm and 86.8bhp respectively. It’s the Best car under 6 lakhs that one can go for. So, if you have a big family you should go for this for sure.?

Brio - Honda Brio Price (GST Rates), Review, Specs, Interiors, Photos | ET  Auto

In the present era, this all-new Honda brio 2020 satisfies all the unique features and specifications that one demands in his or her dream car.


This article was all about various of best cars under 6 lakhs in India you can buy this year. With all the unique features and performance one can easily go on for choosing one of them. You can also go through Digi Patrika to get latest updates or more detailed information about automobile, cars and bikes. So, if you are a fan of new cars then absolutely you should check this article out before making a purchase.