The Air Operated Diaphragm Pump And Their Relation With Mining Industry!??

In ancient times, someone took a digging tool and started digging into the earth. Mining is one of the world’s oldest businesses. After many millennia, mining has developed into one of the world’s most significant and broad commercial industries, with mining operations distributed throughout the globe and entrusted with recovering an almost limitless list of precious minerals. 

A robust mining sector is likely to continue to expand over the next several years in many parts of the globe. So mining operations will continue to depend on pumping technologies that provide dependable and safe liquid-handling operations. Pumping technologies are also sturdy, reliable, and safe. An AODD or Air Operated Diaphragm Pump may be the ideal solution for many of those applications. Keep reading the article to find such. 

The Mining And The Machinery 

It may appear that mining is nothing but a rough and tumble business; after all, holes get dug with heavy machinery or explosives, which allows access from above. However, for the mining operation to run as smoothly as possible, several intricate and delicate operations must get carried out correctly. 

It necessitates using a pumping system capable of consistently operating in difficult and isolated environments. In addition, it must be capable of being serviced and repaired easily so that downtime is kept to a minimum even while immersed in hazardous liquids or toxic/corrosive materials. Additionally, the pumps must be lightweight to be freely transported around the mine. Air operated diaphragm pump is the best-suited pumping system for a mining area.  

The Role Of Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps In Mining 

Dry-run and line-stripping capabilities and the ability to handle viscous or shear-sensitive liquids, and slurries containing rocks, pebbles, and other particulates, make AODD pumps ideal for mining applications. These pumps also have the flexibility to operate effectively in high-pressure, high-flow and even high-viscosity slurries. 

The Significance Of Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps 

Air Operated Diaphragm Pump Manufacturers In India characterise these pumps by their straightforward construction, which includes a limited number of movable components and comparable slower speeds in comparison to other types of pump technology. It not only increases reliability but also makes maintenance much simpler. Additionally, the seal-less construction of the pump results in fewer leaks, which is an important consideration when dealing with the numerous difficult-to-seal corrosive or potentially dangerous liquids common in mining operations.

Both metal (most typically aluminium, ductile iron, and cast iron) and plastic (polypropylene and PVDF) housing constructions are available for AODD Pumps. Metal housings are more prevalent. Aside from that, there is a large variety of elastomers getting utilised in the diaphragms, addressing many of the issues about the chemical compatibility of the materials.

There is a wide range of applications for motor-driven diaphragm pumps, including metering, dosing, and dispensing, but AODD pumps have more common uses in transfer applications. These pumps possess high reliability to run dry and contaminated liquids. In addition, AODD pumps are relatively inexpensive than centrifugal pumps.

Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps Offers High Operational Flexibility 

A broad range of AODD pump designs and sizes provides operational flexibility, which may also result in performance that gets maximised on many different levels. Mine operators can equip their facilities more efficiently and at a lower cost when they can employ AODD pumps in a wider variety of applications, ranging from the most fundamental usage to the most sensitive chemical-handling procedures. 

These pumps can handle abrasive, extremely viscous fluids, sludges and other types of slurries. AODD pumps The gentle pumping movement also makes them appropriate for shear-sensitive substances. 

They employ either a ball seat or flap design for the four internal check valves. Compared to flap valves, ball valves are more reliable and less prone to wear and tear. It is easier for ball valves to wear uniformly because the ball may move throughout the operation and settle in a varied location on the seat.

Final Words 

AODD pumps may also have lower operating costs than other types of pumps, particularly those versions that get equipped with the most recent generation of mechanically actuated air distribution systems (ADS). AODD pumps, at their most fundamental level, perform well under the typically rough and extreme working circumstances prevalent in mines all over the globe. As a result, there is a reduction in failure incidences, the associated downtime and maintenance costs.

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