Air Handling Unit Manufacturers are essential for the Industries


The quality of Air has a vital role in some industries. However, the pollution in India has risen to an unprecedented level. The situation is so alarming that five of the top five most polluted cities worldwide are in India. Hence, the importance of clean Air has increased for society and industries where Air is a crucial element. It has created a massive demand for Air handling unit manufacturers in India. Now, they are all set to play a significant role in the economy because their business has a major role in maintaining the quality of Air. 

Huge Demand for AHU

In the last three decades, massive industrialization has taken place in India. There are thousands of commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels, malls, and theaters where central air conditioning has become essential. With such a massive demand for air conditioning, many business opportunities for Air Handling Unit manufacturers have been created in India. The incentives are so lucrative in the AHU business that many new players have joined this industry. However, the quality of AHU remains a big concern because all manufacturers are at different levels. The Air handling unit design has a significant role in deciding its efficiency; therefore, choosing the best brand among several Air Handling Unit manufacturers in India is better.

Importance of Air Handling Units 

Good quality air is essential for ordinary people who need it for healthy survival and for many Industries for their day-to-day operations. India has witnessed rapid industrialization and development since independence, and the size of the Indian economy has increased many times, but it has also created rampant pollution in the country. Hence, the role of Air handling unit manufacturers has become important for the availability of clean Air. 

The Air Handling Unit is essential for creating an ideal working environment for your employees and visitors. The air conditioning units will only maintain an optimum temperature depending on the climate, which needs to be increased. It’s AHU that will clean the Air and adjust the humidity level. Now most buildings are becoming increasingly insulated, thus reducing energy costs. However, Air is likely to become stale and polluted. It’s not only bad for your employees and visitors but also for the structure of the building itself because the stale Air gives rise to mould growth. Such contaminants often cause allergic reactions among staff. 

How does AHU function? 

Air handling unit manufacturers in India are responsible for providing clean and fresh Air to hospitals, hotels, malls, and other commercial organizations. The Air handling unit design is such that it collects the polluted Air from space and removes dust and other foreign particles. Subsequently, Air’s temperature and humidity levels are also adjusted as per requirement, and clean Air is eventually circulated to the rooms through ducts. If you plan to use an AHU system at your office, you should only choose the best among India’s top Air handling unit manufacturers.

Important features of AHU

If you plan to buy an AHU, you must know about the essential features and details of the air handling unit design.


Ideally, the best Air Handling unit always uses state-of-the-art technology with a fully vertically integrated system. Ensure that AHU components and other machinery are of international standards. You should also check whether the air handling unit design has enthalpy wheels for maximizing and minimizing cross-contamination. It’s important because it will bring maximum energy recovery. 


Moreover, a high-quality AHU includes the best filters and fan assemblies for reliable maintenance and service support. An efficient AHU will help create an ideal indoor climate for employees, visitors, and customers while cutting down on energy consumption. Before you select the right AHU, ensure it has enough area to fix the filter.


You should have complete knowledge about how much airflow the AHU needs to handle because it will be helpful in deciding the right size and capacity of the air handling unit.

Dimensions and modularization

You should have information about the availability of space in the plant room and the essential details of building regulations.

Fans and energy recovery

You need to be familiar with the fan specifications before finalizing the AHU because the location of fan impellers determines the performance of the AHU. Hence, Air handling unit design is a crucial element. You should also know how the pressure drop and thermal efficiency affect the energy efficiency of AHU.

Leading Air Handling Manufacturers are very efficient 

The primary purpose of buying an air handling unit is to improve energy efficiency in the building. Therefore, AHU manufacturers must be efficient because the quality differentiates between a good and an average AHU unit. However, the size, capacity, and specifications are also vital factors that make AHU more efficient.

AHU manufacturers using outdated technology can only survive because clients have become more competent and quality conscious. Leading AHU manufacturers also know the value of goodwill and ensure they have IGBC gold-rated certifications, which is equivalent to the gold standard in the HVAC industry.

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