What is aerial yoga and its benefits?

aerial yoga benefits

If you are into yoga than you might have probably heard about Aerial yoga- a very new and exciting fitness regime that has originated from traditional yoga to dance and acrobatics. Isn?t it fascinating to be in the air to make twist and turns while being suspended in the air?? If you really want to experience something like this then aerial yoga is for you. Having the feeling of being in the air while moving your body into different yoga poses is what aerial yoga is all about.

So what exactly is aerial yoga??

Aerial yoga or anti-gravity yoga is the combination of traditional yoga asana with acrobatics with dance moves while being suspended in the air on the hammock. Aerial yoga was first conceptualized a decade ago by some fitness practitioner in New York by fitness enthusiast to make yoga session enjoyable. In aerial yoga instead of practicing yoga poses on the mat, you will perform it on a silk hammock suspended from the ceiling. This not only provides you with support throughout the yoga flow. Being suspended on the hammock takes the pressure from your head and shoulder that will allow you to do those challenging yoga poses such as headstand with so much ease.

What you can expect from your aerial yoga class

In aerial yoga, you will be using the hammock as a prop that will support you throughout your entire yoga class. This will help will you to increase your flexibility and allow you to move freely while doing challenging yoga poses without adding any sort of pressure on your spine, shoulder or head. Practicing aerial yoga is quite safe if you practice it under the guidance of a certified yoga practitioner under yoga teacher training in Rishikesh course. Hatha yoga school in Rishikesh is one such destination if you want to master the art of aerial yoga under the guidance of professional yoga teachers

Health benefits of aerial yoga

 In case you are thinking that practicing aerial yoga is only for fun then you are wrong because surprisingly it has some great health benefits

It is really good for your backache

When you are hanging freely on the hammock upside down it will give a chance to your spine to lengthen. This will less strain on your back while practicing it will help in releasing the tension from your back and hips.

Total body workout

While doing aerial yoga every part of your body moves. This helps in making your muscles more toned and defined and the joints get strengthened and regenerated as it allows you to deeper into yoga poses. Hence it not only tones your upper body but also your lower body.

It improves your flexibility

Being suspended freely in the air helps in releasing each and every tension from the body as you go deep in your practice. Practicing aerial yoga not only lengthens your joints but also relaxes your muscles. You will be counteracting gravity by moving freely and putting less effort while moving through the poses. It also helps in strengthening your spine and core muscles.

Improve your digestion

The upside movement and stretching in hammock helps in boosting the digestive system. All that stretching on hammock helps in relaxing your abdomen and provides relief from constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

Relieve you from stress

If you are experiencing stress and anxiety, trusts us aerial yoga is your best bait. It helps in putting your mind at ease and as you meditates and focus on your breath while being upside down on in just air. It not only increases your focus, balance and makes you more calm and poised. It increases your blood circulation through your brain which is much needed for its improved functioning.

Improve your balance and develop new skills

Going against gravity is not helps in improving your balance and stability but also help in developing new skills. You will be able to do those challenging yoga poses which you might not able to practice earlier that too suspended against gravity. Also, you will be able to stretch more deeply and effectively.

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