Advantages of Live Video Shopping

Real-time video shopping
Real-time video shopping

Real-time videos allow buyers to watch live shopping shows while a host that can be invited celebrity, influencer, brand employee etc presenting products in front of the camera. In other words, Live Shopping or live streaming for retail is a similar principle to teleshopping, only using a different medium. Through teleshopping on your TV, when you shop you can order products by calling in brands whereas during live video shopping you place order while being in that live environment watching a live shopping show.

Live streaming for retail has been one of the most engaging sales and marketing tools for brands. The success of livestream shopping lies in its authenticity and interactivity which it facilitates. Live streaming for retail allows brands to deliver a more personal experience for those tuning in from their phone or tablet. Real-time interactivity replicates the urgency of an actual marketplace, prompting immediate action and enhanced customer participation.

Advantages of Livestream Shopping

Live commerce or Live Online Shopping is the perfect opportunity for retailers to enable consumers a digital shopping experience that will convince them to buy their products � especially during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. While shopping in stores is being replaced with e-commerce, many consumers miss the personalization, interaction, and human elements of a traditional shopping trip.

Live streaming for retail is the only means of incorporating these aspects into the digital world, because it puts customers center stage and enables them to interact with each other or the brand whose live shopping show they are following whenever they want.

Both buyers and sellers benefit because:

  • Live video shopping is convenient for shoppers, since all they need is their smartphone or a laptop. This means that consumers can be a part of live shopping shows quickly and easily, from almost anywhere.
  • Live streaming for retail allows brands to optimize the full customer journey, from discovering products to clicking on the �Buy� button.
  • Live streaming shopping offers buyers a much improved shopping experience.
  • Brands can achieve customer loyalty, credibility and improved brand awareness with livestream ecommerce.

How to produce a successful Live online shopping show?

There is no point in hosting a Live video shopping show any old way and expecting it to be fruitful. Before going live, create a plan and adopt the right livestream shopping platform.

So, let�s take a look at some tips to achieve successful results from a livestream show.

Plan your content in advance

The quality of your content is everything, when you address a large audience. To ensure the same, start your planning in advance. Plan a script containing the relevant information related to your products or services. 

Count on good equipment

With advanced smartphones that we have access to today, it is possible to perform a Livestream shopping show with the help of a smartphone and the right live video shopping platform. Furthermore you can also invest in lighting setup to enhance your show�s quality. If the live shopping show is small, a well-lit area will suffice.

Maintain audience interactivity

The key element that makes a live shopping show successful is interactivity. The viewers won�t interact if you don�t motivate them in the first place. Without interactivity and engagement, Live streaming shopping loses much of its appeal as it makes it impossible to create a dialogue that is good for both parties. You can host live giveaways, flash sales, deals and discounts, run polls and much more to heighten the live show�s interactivity.

Monitor the data

In order to measure the results it is vital to analyze the data for each of your Live shopping shows. Information related to the number of new viewers and the number of viewers who logged out during a live shopping show can give you insight of your live shopping show.


Livestream ecommerce mimics an in-store experience which captivates shoppers. Choosing the right platform to captivate your audience is hence very important. Live Video Shopping Platform is one such platform that can help you capture your audiences and leads to more product sales.

Unlike competitors, when running your live shopping show from Live Shopping Platform, your audience doesn’t need to leave the platform to make a purchase. They can make purchases in real-time and stay engaged with other audience members. 

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