Advantages of Having Your Own Gojek Clone App

There is no debate regarding the booming growth that the on demand service industry has seen in the past few years. The unorganised sector that left most local service providers looking for job opportunities has changed drastically with the induction of the Gojek clone app.

With this new app, users can get what they want when they want it, the service providers can constantly get more jobs as per their skill set on their own terms and pricing, and of course. The app owner can make a boat load of money without actually rendering any service.

There are many advantages associated with the digitization of the on demand multi service sector. In today?s blog post, we will examine some of the top advantages for app owners to get their own on demand multi service app like the Gojek clone app.

However, before we do that, we have to understand that the Gojek clone app is multi faceted. It has a lot to offer to different types of businesses, whether they are local or run in chains. So, let us first try to identify the different types of businesses that can profit from an on demand app like the Gojek clone.


The lines on what sort of services alone can be utilized with applications like the Gojek Clone have become foggy in the last couple of years. Assuming you have been following the trend of innovation in these industries. You will see that an application today can permit you to do pretty much anything, from booking taxis, to purchasing garments. The following are a couple of services that beat out everyone else of the on demand application list.

Local Service Providers:

A wide range of specialist local service providers will profit from an application like the Gojek Clone. This application would permit users registered with the app to book appointments with or even hire for home delivery of services from Doctors, Plumbers, Electricians, Beauticians, Dog Walkers, and Baby sitters et cetera just with the few clicks on their smart phones.

Delivery Services:

There is hardly any doubt about the kind of demand delivery services are in these days. Whether it is a restaurant offering great meals. A grocery store or even a pharmacy selling medicines or just a courier service. on demand apps have helped thousands of such small, mid sized or even large corporates grow their business with the delivery facility. These applications can permit business people to get a ton of information on clients and their decisions. To assist in developing their business by giving their clients an experience that is consistent and satisfying.

Retail on request:

This has been around for some time now. With the assistance of retail on request features within the Gojek clone app. Users can now buy any thing and get it conveyed to their doorstep. These things might include medications, food, filtered water, flowers, pastry shop merchandise, liquor etc.

Fuel and fix services:

These sorts of services fit the on demand idea since vehicle breakdowns overall occur without earlier notification and require earnest fix or fuel to get them back out and about. These services can likewise incorporate employing Tow Trucks or getting a premium Car wash or even Car Detailing Services.

Taxi Booking Services:

By all accounts, this may well have been one of the first on demand application based assistance presented in the market when Uber came into the image. Individuals can essentially book a taxi with their smart phones and smart watches.


There are many advantages of the on demand applications like the Gojek Clone for business people. Here are some of the most talked about advantages across the industry.

A.            User Activity Analytics

B.            Customer Service Improvement through consistent tracking

C.            Easy Access to Booking through Mobile application and site

D.            Scalability

E.            Revenue Reports

F.            Brand Building by means of online presence

G.            Greater market penetration

H.            Increased revenue through multiple streams of income such as commission per hiring on the app or even through ad blocks sold on the landing pages of the app


Assuming you wish to partake in the growing profitability of the on demand service provider industry. You should ensure that you have the right Gojek Clone application with you. A quick internet search would reveal that there are hundreds of options available. However, for your business to be practical and marketable, your app should work seamlessly and be scalable.

Ensure that you only purchase your launch ready Gojek clone app from a reputed and reliable on demnd mobile app development industry. It will help in a big way if they have at least 7 to 9 years of experience in not just building these kind of apps but also launching them on the iOS app store and the Google Play store.

One thing that every entrepreneur must remember is that getting an idea and doing research towards an app might be easy. But to follow through and to see your idea into materialization might take some effort. You might have to change a few plans or accommodate the changing market requirements.

However, with a little effort, dedication, the right kind of white label on demand Gojek clone app and a great marketing campaign, you are sure to succeed. All the best!