Working and Advantages of Centrifugal Screens in Sugar Mill Industry

Centrifugal systems are the most active form of machinery made use of in producing sugar. It is utilized to remove the sugar crystals from mother liquor. Mostly this process is carried out at faster rotating speeds. The Centrifugal Screens are an essential part of raw sugar producing mills, refined sugar producing mills, and similar other related industries. These screens are available in various versions and sizes. Even tailor-made solutions can be obtained for sugar producing plants. 

The Working of Centrifugal Screens in Sugar Mills??

The functioning of centrifuge sugar screens is exceptionally easy. The screen affixed axially from a pipe next to the tapered end. An extraction plate is placed towards the basket of the screen which is cone shaped. And upon the surface of the screen the resources are uniformly kept in order. The process of screening and drying out has to be carried out with a mesh of certain predefined size. To extract the fine fibre the modern Centrifugal Screens is very much reasonable and should have a mesh of certain diameter.??

Following the screening operation, the liquids flow out towards the screen?s backside and the solids are deposited at the screen surface. After getting dried out, the solid residue is moved towards the storage through the conveyor. During this course of action, a spray device does the task of spraying water. It does so to avoid blockage in the mesh screen.     

The centrifugal systems are designed to function totally automatically. It can perform all the operations including slurry feeding, cleaning of cakes, dewatering and release of crystals in just one cycle. Taking into consideration the quality of the slurry, the settings are to be prepared. These settings involve parameters like supply quantity, the rotations of centrifuge basket, and time of washing. It is then the system performs the separation function at great swiftness. The solid and liquids are separated when a screen of vertical basket is rotated.    

The Advantages of Centrifugal Screens?

When an advanced quality of Centrifugal Screens with perfect slots is used, it guarantees speedy removal of the molasses and sugar crystals. There are a range of benefits of these filter screens in sugar processing.?

  1. Improved yield of sugar and molasses
  2. Prevent break up of sugar crystals
  3. Superior retention rate of sugar
  4. The automation features helps to get consistent sugar quality
  5. Ideal openings for discharge which enhances lifespan
  6. Resistant to wear and tear
  7. Intense resistance to abrasions
  8. Increased quantity of throughput
  9. Service life gets extended as call for maintenance is minimal
  10. Smooth running provides stability in process
  11. Boost profitability
  12. Cost of maintenance goes down
  13. Foolproof controls offer highest safety 

The advantages of using centrifugal screen also depend on how effectively they are applied. The machine capacity is amplified if these screens have an enlarged open area. When the percentage of massecuite declines with larger open area, the quality of molasses also improves. With proper use of such filter screens the inventory expenses gets lower too. Moreover, the screens should be installed by well-trained professionals. As, they have adequate knowledge of such machines besides being conscious about the significance of proper installation.  

The Effectiveness of Centrifugal Screen in Sugar Processing??

Sugar is an essential agricultural product throughout the world. Any industry that produces sugar plays a vital role in building economy. It is a key agro-based industry of many countries. The processing of sugarcane is done in small mills or factories, in a number of countries. It is in such factories that sugar is produced without utilizing centrifuge system. As a result the sugar produced is described as non-centrifugal sugar. It can be identified as the dark-brown produce. There are nearly 20-25 countries where such practice is been carried out. 

However, there are about 60-65 sugar producing countries where centrifugal sugar is produced. In this process the superior centrifuge sugar mill screen are of very much importance. It helps in separating and discharging the liquids and solids efficiently. These screens provide a lot better output in comparison to other conventional screens. The screens of present time lessen recirculation of sugars. It is effective in bringing down the production expenses on the whole and workload on the mill.


The Centrifugal Screens from reputed sugar screen manufacturers always certifies top performance with its exceptional mechanical characteristics. They also provide a wide range of options for the sugar producing mills. Many manufacturers perfectly customize the sugar mill screen as per the specific requirement of client. Most of the screen manufacturer provides screens that are thoroughly structured and uncomplicated to use. These types of filter screens are developed with advanced technology.