9 Shocking Bollywood Film Stories That Will Make You Twist

As we know Bollywood produces many types of movies every year and all movie topics and stories are different from the other movie. Which of them some movies consider the most remarkable and story and selected for the best story movie forever. We actually gathered the list of those movies that have shocking moments and jaw-dropping stories.


Ajay Devgan listed in the best Bollywood heroes did a leading role in the movie and the story of this movie is Ajay lived with his family and her wife�s sister but one day her wife�s sister have a trouble a boy came to her and try to rape her and beat to much. Ajay suddenly reaches there and before come her wife�s sister has murdered the boy to secure herself. Ajay took the body of the boy and buried in the garden of the under-construction police station.


In this movie, Vidya played a lead role and there is a poisonous gas attack shows in the movie in which hundreds of people lost their lives. Vidya Bagchi who is a software engineer by profession was pregnant and traveling to India from London for the cause of search her missing husband Arnab.  Her husband two years ago came into India for his assignment with the National Data Center and not received any contact from him. She was very curious about him and come to India to find him. Suddenly she got the poisonous gas attack to indulge her in more tension. So then she decided to come to India and started to search for her husband at most possible she can do for it.

Special 26

This film story is a real story which is occurred on 18th March 1987 at where CBI interview took by the two characters of Akshay Kumar and Anupam Kher. When the film goes into flashback Ajay Singh calls a police station to come more manpower for raid to attack on the enemies. Indeed he speaks to Ranveer Singh to more men and he agreed for this to support him. The raid was in minister�s house and it reveals that Ajay and Sharma are the fake CBI officers.


This movie was also a fantastic and remarkable movie at all in which Akash pretended a blind man but in reality, he is not. This film shows that what they did with Simi was a crime and Akash�s fake blindness help him to hide it up. Akash has his own walking stick which is like hare head and over time the story of the hare that is every time saved him to catch his crime.


The story of this movie is a straight forward police commissioner named Bose who is very sharp and talented and Shalini is her wife and she is a clinically depressed person and her treatment is continue and Bose is her second husband. Before Bose Shalini married Rahul and they have a daughter Kali. You can download Ugly movie on MovieHustle in best type of quality. The basic story starts that on Saturday Rahul is allowed by the court to meet his daughter Kali. And the Rahul take her daughter and went to enjoying with her daughter and pick her daughter to her friend Chaitanya�s house for some work. And Kali feels very uncomfortable with him and refused to get out of the car and then he decided to go himself and finish his work and on return, Kali was not there in the car.

Manorama Six Feet Under

Abhay Deol is in the list of very talented actors of the industry he did many blockbuster movies in which Manorama Six Feet Under is also included. This movie is released in 2007 and its crime and thriller type of film.

Karthik Calling Karthik

The story of this film is based around Karthik who is works in a construction company and he is very shy in nature. He didn�t say no to anybody and for this reason, people always take advantage of this because he is a very shy type of person and he treated badly anytime. Even once his house owner asks him to give the money for the maintenance of the lift and he did not refuse him and give every time the money for his house owner asking for the things who are under the ownership of the house owner, not him.


The story of this movie is that Karan and Priya are two artists and dance partners and always trying to do big. They are always trying to do work hard and make it possible to reach one specific top point in their work field they join. Sudden entry of Raj Singhania usually the surname of Singhania supposed a rich man in Indian movies. Raj fall in love with Priya and they get married.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa

This film is a horror-thriller type of film in which the leading role actors are Akshay Kumar and Vidya Balan those are one of the most talented actors and this film included also a lot of comedy in which leading characters are Rajpal Yadav and Paresh Rawal are on the best list. The story of this movie is that Vidya Balan who is came from abroad with his husband to India in his husband�s house and their old house was supposed to be a haunted house. But Vidya Balan does not believe in these types of controversies and she gone into the haunted room and gets ghost into her body and Akshay treats her to wipe out the bad ghost from his body took help from a Pandit.

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