8 Tips on How to Find a Trustworthy Mover

If you’re planning to move, you should know that it can be difficult to find the right mover in Dubai. The market is filled with companies that hire inexperienced movers and packers in Dubai, use poor quality packing materials, and charge far too much money. In this guide, we’ll give you 8 tips on how to find a trustworthy mover that will handle your move safely and ethically at an affordable price. If you follow these tips, you’ll find the best moving company in Dubai and get yourself a stress-free moving experience!

1) Get Moving Quotes from at least 3 Companies

With so many different moving companies in Dubai, you might find yourself wondering which one is going to be right for you. Before you make your final decision, it’s important that you get quotes from several different places. The best way to do that is by contacting each company directly.

For whatever reason, customers will often only contact one or two companies, but if you want to be sure that you?re making an informed decision then it?s best that you have at least 3 quotes in front of you before deciding which company is going to be your mover in Dubai. Once all of your quotes are lined up and ready to go (don?t forget about insurance!), here are some tips for finding a trustworthy mover

2) Know Who You?re Dealing with

To find trustworthy movers and packers in Dubai, ask your friends and family members for recommendations. If you have contacts in your new city, see if they can point you towards trustworthy companies as well. Asking around is probably one of your best ways to know who?s reliable and who isn?t, so take advantage of that resource while you can.

You should also be sure to conduct some online research?although anyone can create a website these days, it?s hard to guarantee that what you read online is true. A review site like Yelp or Kudzu might be helpful for vetting businesses. And remember: It?s important not just to trust your gut when hiring movers in Dubai?there are actual signs that are often indicative of dishonest business practices.

3) Check References

Before you choose a moving company, ask for recommendations from friends and family. If you?re relocating for work, check with your office about moving companies recommended by employees. Another great place to ask is your real estate agent; she may be able to recommend movers who helped her clients move in and out of their houses.

No matter where you look, it?s best to get references from at least three sources before choosing a mover, so that way you can cross-check any potential red flags or unpleasant experiences.

4) Get at Least 3 Estimates

When you?re relocating, it can be difficult to find a good mover. It?s important that you understand how much moving companies charge for their services so that you can find one that fits within your budget. To get started, ask friends and family members if they know of any trustworthy movers in your area; sometimes it?s easier to turn to people you trust rather than strangers.

If friends or family don?t know anyone, do some research online and look at reviews of local moving companies. Consider finding several businesses in your area?this way, if one ends up being unreliable or has outrageous rates, you have options available.

5) Read Reviews Before Agreeing to a Job

It?s tempting to go with an unknown moving company because it may be cheaper or more convenient, but that could cost you. Verify and read reviews of any potential moving companies before agreeing to work with them. Poor service will almost always leave you dissatisfied, so it?s important that you do your due diligence beforehand.

Even if something seems like a good deal, it could end up costing you much more in lost time and money if there are issues down the road. Consider how much time and effort you put into researching products before buying them – shouldn’t finding quality movers be just as important? Remember that with all things, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

6) Don?t Always go for the Cheapest Company

Many people want to find a cheap mover, but you should consider why you are looking for one in first place. Are you just trying to save money or do you actually need help with your move? Some companies provide low prices because they?re not very careful with your things, so that?s important for you to keep in mind as well. Make sure you get good quality and look into discounts if necessary but don?t always go for low price!

7) Do get an Inspection Report before hand

Moving costs money, so you?ll want to know as much about your mover as possible before agreeing to their services. As a rule of thumb, don?t trust anyone that doesn?t provide an inspection report for free. The more thorough and professional your inspector is, the more likely it is that you won?t have any surprises after moving day. This is also an opportunity for you to get an idea of how well-maintained their trucks are (also important when it comes time for delivery).

8) Ask Questions

Don?t be afraid to ask questions. Before you hire movers, make sure you understand your moving costs and exactly what they include. Be clear about deadlines and instructions for packing, storage, etc. Get references from prior customers; if a company refuses, be wary of working with them.

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