8 Effective Ways to Improve your Air Conditioning Efficiency

Be it an air conditioner or an air cooler, it is a significant investment, and you surely want to get the best out of these appliances once you buy them. Here are 8 effective ways in which you can improve the efficiency of your air cooler.

Ensure adequate cross ventilation in the room

ACs work best if the room ( doors and windows) are sealed. However, air coolers don’t work quite the same way; they work best where there is ceaseless airflow. This is because the basic principle on which air coolers operate is evaporation.

The hot air coming from the outside passes through the water-soaked cooling pads to produce the cool air. This is why you should always ensure that your cooler is placed exactly in front of a window or a door from where hot air is flowing in. The basic idea is, more the hot air, more cooler will your room be.

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Make sure the cooling pads are saturated

To ensure that your air cooler gives you an instant cooling effect, make sure that it is 100% soaked in water before use. Run the pump while you fill up the tank with water. The pump will distribute the water completely over the cooling pads.

This will make sure that you start getting cool air immediately. Also, a lot of coolers don’t distribute the water over certain parts of the cooling pads. Therefore, these coolers never achieve 100% efficiency.

Close curtains and blinds when not using the air cooler

It is true that air coolers require ample cross ventilation and some hot air to perform to the best of their abilities. But that does not mean that you’re free to expose your room to sunlight all day.

This will only result in your room’s temperature rising more. So, the ideal way to go about using air coolers is to keep sunlight from coming in during the period of the day when you’re not using the cooler. And even when you are, make sure that the windows are not too open. Or else, the efficiency of the cooler will end up being lower than usual.

Add ice to the water

This is one golden rule to abide by during the peak summer months, and the temperatures are unbearable. Adding ice to the water will, naturally, cool the cooling pads faster and better. This will produce much cooler air and can also offer a much-needed reprieve from the awful humidity. For most coolers, you can add the ice to the water tank itself, but some coolers have a separate compartment for ice.

However, adding too much ice can potentially slow down the process of evaporation and hamper the efficiency of your cooler. So, you have to walk a fine line with the ice. Add ice in moderation, and only add it when the temperature is too high to deal with.

Keep artificial heat away from the room

Artificial heat adds to the temperature of the room, thus making it more difficult for your air cooler to bring down the temperature faster. The best way to go about this problem is to make sure that no excess heat is generated in your room.

Excess heat might generate from lighting a lamp or candles for too long. It might also occur if you have mini-fridges, or other such appliances inside your room which heat up after some time. Furthermore, if your room is located near the kitchen, make sure that the doors and windows are closed in order to not let any of the smoke or heat in.

Ensure that the water level is above the motor

For an air cooler to work at its best, the water level should be well above the motor. On failing to do so, the air cooler fails to blow air over the cooling pads and does not work properly. In some cases, it is even susceptible to permanent damage. So you should always make sure that the water level is above the motor.

Clean the air cooler before use

Most people don’t use their air coolers after the harsh summer months are over. During this period of no usage, the air cooler accumulates a lot of pollen and dust on its fans and cooling pads. Hence, it is advisable that you clean the cooling pad and the cooler in general before using it again for a new season.

Handle the cooler with care

All appliances are fragile and need to be handled with utmost care. Same is the case with air coolers. They last you a long time and deliver their best performance if they are handled with care. So make sure that you service your cooler regularly, and call a technician whenever there is a minor issue. It has been seen that with proper care, a Kenstar cooler can last for at least 7 years.

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