7 Chicest Ways To Style A Leather Biker Jacket

Hollywood rebels, badass cowboys, streetside pubs, Harley Davidson and vintage racer jacket – timeless and nostalgic! 

The biker jacket is the ideal casual jacket and a must-have for every man’s and woman’s wardrobe. Like the leather bomber and denim jacket, it’s an endless chic style that brings back memories from Hollywood 70’s and 80’s vintage cult movies.

If you do have a leather biker jacket already in your wardrobe, even a single one, you can make the most of it by styling as guided in this blog. If you don’t own one, you are making a serious mistake and that is why you should invest in it to revamp your dull wardrobe.

Bison Jacket’s

Here are some chicest ways to style a leather moto or biker jacket that will definitely help you notch up your styling this winter.

1. Smart Casual

Casual, neat and easy to pull off! 

Pair any plain or simple striped round-neck shirt or a tee and denims together with your biker jacket. Complete the look with black boots. This smart look goes for both day and night time, no such restriction. 

2. Button-Up Shirt And Skinny Jeans

Looking for something cozy but with elegance? Read on to find out. 

Get the pair of skinny narrow jeans or black leggings, pair it up with a button-up shirt of mild color, converse, and a sleek black biker leather jacket. This smart boho look is all you need when running out of styling options or time.

3. Ripped Jeans

Bring in the ripped jeans and pair with a biker jacket. This casual and easy-to-carry combination is nothing short of class. Compliment your look with sneakers and black sunnies.

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4. Black On Black

Want to go for a sheeny yet sharp outfit? Have you ever taken into consideration twining black denim with modish black leather jackets? If not, now is the time to do so.

Amp up the look by adding brown suede leather boots, or you can go all black – the classic way.

5. Black With White

“Color is everything, black and white is more”

For something fashionable, you would want to pair a black jacket with a white t-shirt without a doubt; black with white never goes wrong. Channel your inner minimalist with this monochromatic look and look snazzy effortlessly.

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6. Classic Beige Pants

If you are a gentleman who seek comfort with sophistication, here is a great fashion inspo for you – beige colored pants or khakis. Chinos paired with a biker jacket and a white shirt inside is a safe game to play and pretty decent to go with. Complete the look with trainers or black loafers – choice is yours. This look is ideal for date night, formal events or whenever you feel like this.

7. Animal Print

Animal print is something that will never get old. Whatever the time of the year, animal print will always do its work. Warm tones, bold chicest look and everything is classic about it. Pair a cheetah print shirt with fitted black jeans and accessorize with silver earrings, hand bands, bandana, and shades to keep your fashion boho way.

Opting for this idea will never let you regret it.

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