5 types of shoes every woman should own!

Whether you shop to fulfill your needs or because you?re feeling depressed, let?s admit that the feeling of ?add to cart? can be compared to no other joy. It can be tempting to buy the latest collection of footwear. While checking out you even promise yourself that you will wear this pair on numerous occasions. But to be honest, you don?t end up wearing most of the pairs, which just sit in your wardrobe, biting the dust.

If you always end up with footwear purchased solely because you thought they were ‘cute,’ you may find yourself in a situation where you don’t have a suitable pair for a specific occasion. To avoid being in a sticky situation, we recommend the best shoes for women that will be appropriate for all occasions.


If you want to know which are the best and most trending shoes for women, read out the list below.

  1. Classic black pumps: Having at least one pair of neutral colored footwear and one pair of heels which are back can definitely save your big time! Whether you?re going to a meeting, a date, or a party, no other footwear will make you look badass like the pumps. If you love adding contrast to your look, you can experiment with red pumps, too. Go for classic cuts and shapes rather than following any trend, which might not even stick around for a season.
  1. Sneakers: Sneakers are well known for their ability to be paired with almost every outfit. From an everyday casual look to a red carpet event, sneakers fit in almost every occasion on your list. You can stick to basic white sneakers which can blend with all your outfits. If you?re feeling experimental, choose sneakers in vibrant colors that can match your colorful personality. You can pair them with your athleisure or that cute floral dress you?re deciding to wear on your next date.
  1. Ankle-strap sandals: Nothing looks sexier than those classic black ankle-strap sandals that add inches to your frame. This timeless pair looks great with almost everything. You can wear them with your blazer and trousers for a meeting or with that sexy bodycon dress and make everyone?s jaw drop on the floor.
  1. Ballerina flats: This footwear is every girl?s go-to choice because not only are they trendy and super cute, they are super comfortable. You can pair them with your casual or formal look, you can be assured of how well they blend with your outfits. Plus, your feet will thank you for saving them from those painful blisters you earned from wearing closed-toe heels.
  1. Boots: The quickest way to go from a girl next door to a biker chic is slipping into those sexy leather boots. If you want to channel your inner badass boss lady, boots are the way to go. Experiment with classic ankle-length boots to naughty knee-length boots, which are both stylish and practical for all your outfits.

Get yourself these classy and yet basic shoes for women that will upgrade your looks one pair at a time.