5 tips for a great online class for WBBSE student

West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBSSE) students have always felt a little out of box amidst so many different school boards out there. With board exams approaching soon, you need to start studying again and buckle up.

Because of the pandemic we cannot go to coaching centers, meet our friends for study groups or even go to school. But that does not mean that you stall your exam preparations. Thanks to platforms like Tutopia Learning App, online learning has been made easy for WBSSE students.

WBBSE online class

Tutopia is an online learning app, best suited for WBBSE online class for Bengali medium students. It has so many features for students to explore and learn from.

  • High Quality video classes in Bengali language by expert teachers
  • Chapter wise Notes are also provided for easy revision and exam preparation
  • Practice Session, so that you can always refer back to the topics you studied
  • Preparatory tests, so that you are confident about your exam and syllabus preparation.

We would like to share some tips for your upcoming exams which will help you score high marks.

Use all features on Tutopia Learning App

Tutopia Learning App is the first of its kind app exclusively for Bengali medium students. It’s the best E-learning app in Bengali.  Make full use of it. Utilize all the awesome features on it to unlock your full potential.

Every aspect has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of the students. Watching the video classes and revising the chapter wise notes will help speed your preparation. It will help you understand all chapters in the absence of a classroom.

Then the preparatory exams will act as mock exams for you to be fully sure of your capabilities.

Be Regular with your Preparation

It is very crucial that students remain consistent with their studies. If you are not regular in preparation then there is no way that you will be able to succeed.

Even with the best learning apps, people often drift off their focus. Therefore, you must be consistent with your focus towards keeping the preparation going.

Do only one subject a day

One has to be smart about studying online. Just because you have all the material at your disposal doesn’t mean that you get overwhelmed. Take it slow and steady. In the Tutopia learning app, there are proper chapter wise revisions available. Therefore, make sure that you are studying accordingly.

Take as many Preparatory exams as possible

Preparatory exams are really important. They are like mock tests. You will know how good or bad your preparation is if you take enough of them. Make good use of them.

The more exams you take, the better will you be suited for the actual board test. Even if you score badly in the beginning, you will know how to manage your time and prepare well.

Set your time aside for online studying

Just because you are studying online doesn’t mean that you do not make a routine for it.

It is important that students set aside some time just for their studying period. In this way you will have a sorted routine and better mental space for practicing the syllabus.

All the best!

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