5 Scrapbooking Ideas and What Materials to Get

Scrapbooks tell stories. The beauty of the scrapbook and its ability to tell a story is only limited by your imagination and creativity. You can choose one of the hundreds of layouts online, or you can create your own unique layout. Here are five simple ideas to get you started.

Choose a Theme

While you can have all moments in your life documented in a scrapbook, your scrapbook tells a better story when you have a theme and a topic. If you know the theme, selecting the pictures and items to have in the scrapbook becomes easier. If you are just starting, start with a specific story or an event in your life. For instance, instead of documenting your entire school life in one book, you can choose a simple event, such as your graduation.

When you already have a theme, telling a story will only involve choosing the materials and items to have in the scrapbook and then arranging them in a way that they tell a story. This means that you will need different scrapbooks for different events and themes. If you are able to create theme-focused stories on the scrapbook, you can now focus on bigger events in life.

Match Album Size to Themes and Stories

How many photos do you have? Are you afraid of filling up spaces?

Albums are in two main sizes; 12 x 12 inches and 8.5 x 11 inches. These albums are available in a varied number of pages and designs to meet your needs. The 12 x 12 inches album has large pages, which allow you to embellish your scrapbook as much as you need. However, such a scrapbook will take up more physical space.

die cut stickers

If you are afraid you may not fill up the space on a larger album, pick the 8.5 x 11 inches option. Better yet, you can go for a mini album if you are looking for a minimalistic layout. These mini albums are available in varied shapes, sizes, and designs. Better still, you can create your own mini album if you are feeling creative.

With any of these albums, you can still get embellishments that fit your work. For instance, you can go for custom die cut stickers that are available in any size you need. With the mini albums, you never have to be afraid of filling up space.

Choose the Best Photos

Photos are the main focus of your scrapbook. The embellishments you add are only to enhance the beauty of the photos. You do not need to include all photos from an event, only pick a few of your favorite photos as long as they tell a story.

For starters, pick the best quality photos with enough lighting and focus. Dark and blurry images will affect the beauty of your scrapbook. Although photos that show smiling faces are better looking, you need to show more details on the scrapbook. For instance, a baby scrapbook should have feet and hand photos, toys, and any other details that tell the baby?s story. If you can, have only photos with a matte finish to avoid fingerprint smudges.

Choose a Layout that Enhances the Look of the Photos

Choosing a layout can be overwhelming. The first step should be picking the focal point of the layout. You need your viewers or readers to focus their eyes on the photos. Although you can add as many embellishments as possible, the focus should still be on the photo.

If your photos are large, or you have so many photos, do not be afraid to trim them to a shape that fits in the layout you choose. There are sites online that show pre-made scrapbook sketches, and you can choose a fitting layout from there.

Have all the Basic Supplies

What materials do you need to start scrapbooking? You will need items such as:

?           Cardstock or solid colored papers

?           Patterned paper

?           Adhesives

?           Pens

?           Scissors

?           Embellishments

?           Album

?           Scrapbooking kit

?           Paper protectors

Shopping for these items is fun. Some, such as solid colored papers and patterned papers, are available in different sizes and designs for you to choose from. For the adhesive, go for the acid-free option, either taper runner or liquid adhesive. Keep the embellishments minimal and ensure their sizes match the sizes of the pages for a balanced look.