5 PR Strategies used for Marketing Hotel Brands During Pandemic-

The coronavirus pandemic has renovated industries, it has been a massive challenge for many businesses primarily for Travel & Hospitality Industry.

People have been working from home & the crisis over the pandemic is been still going on. This pandemic has become a nightmare for all the Industries and businesses that?s been affected very badly. 2020 has been an awful year for Hospitality & Travel sector. There are a lot of different sectors that?s been affected enormously. There some green lights shoot for other kind of businesses but the hospitality industry were staying afloat.

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The pandemic has also pummelled global travel. Well by this the question pops out that what are going to be the long term Implications for these changes?

What does the future of travel and hospitality look like post pandemic?

Well, a lot of industry are working 50 per cent and 50 per cent from home, well this is the right time where you get your digital marketing & branding game real strong. For example there are covid check up campaign going on at every Hotel, pet who travel and visit their hotel would go through the check up and then check in through it. Well how safe is that.

There are several digital campaigns been published online to create awareness about how the hotel industry are working hard to keep their guest safe with all the safety measures?

A lot of customers & clients are been fed up at home with most of them missing travel & tourism places. People have been mentally sick with staying home for days and getting depressed and frustrated.

Well the hospitality industry has also maintained their brands by different methods used. Brands are the most important key role for any industry. A name of the brand speaks louder. Branding is just not about logo or symbol it?s about a lot of this, branding is more to it. Branding not only makes persons experience memorable but also allow your consumers to know what to expect from your business next.

Branding is about the whole experience from its name to a symbol to the elite experiences for example Hotel Taj is a brand where people get mesmerised by its name and then the vibe you get being at the hotel with some amazing views through your room?s patio following by some royal food to a cosy stay.

However, marketing has helped a lot of industry to stay afloat. Eg- Hyatt is a hospitality brand where people are quite aware of it. How? Because of its strong digital PR game. To main such name you need to stay aware about the PR activities or campaigns.

With the outbreak of this pandemic, the series of hotels and travel industry has planned to welcome back again, with safety measure tools and guidelines.

Here are 5 different marketing strategies used for Hospitality brands during this pandemic-

1. Develop Relevant Content – So nowadays as you notice any business or industries are establishing content these days. Develop content that is standing out of the crowd brainstorm ideas focus on the current situation for hospitality focus on creating more content ideas where people feel it?s safe and hygiene, put some discounts so that people get free and can spend some time at your hotel.? You can also work on your DIY food recipes where people being at home can binge and learn.

?2.?? Spread the word- Post out about your hotel and its services to all the social media. Your target audience is out there waiting for you on the social platform. Post out different pictures about your hotel saying how safety measures are you been taking only for your audiences. Post out the special cuisine your team has been preparing with all the safety measures, you can also post some travel content and engage your followers.? Build that trust and you shall get your customers on board.

???3.???Be ready with a backup plan – Crisis are been going on every other day and in every industry, for the hospitality & travel industry, it is important to have a backup strategic plan in case of the other pandemic hit up. So if there are any other incidents that occurs they ready with a strategic plan.

??4.???Evaluate your digital plan- Many of the brands are getting creative with their ideas and execution. This is the right time to follow your instinct and change according to the trend the current situation and so on. It would create huge traffic to your website.

??? 5.?Adopt the ability of data- In this digital generation, it’s necessary to comprehend the courage that data assembly clasps and that data can be used to steer PR undertakings, too. From gauging website clicks to comprehending where exactly tourists come from, to social media accounts’ accomplishment rates, data analytics is an outstanding tool for strategic communicators.

For hotels, social media ads and pitches can be formulated and inducted after surveying the demographics of website observers. This way, hotels can target the exact audience and be convinced that their marketing techniques and statements are fulfilled to the right community.

Road to recovery-

With the pandemic being a nightmare to most of us, there are also ways where the recovery rates are being positive. With the great news of vaccination being provided now, the hotel & travel industry is being taken place again slowly and steadily. Hoteliers open their doors for their customers with safety precautions and rules & regulations. It is important to support the business so our economies can flourish. Just like they say that the show must go on it kinda is similar.

While you see how PR & Marketing plays a crucial role in our day to day life. Get in touch with the best PR Agency in Mumbai.