4 Areas of Your Home to Never Overlook

As you check your home, you should ensure you keep it in the best condition possible. Even if you don’t notice problems immediately, it doesn’t hurt to check your home regularly, so you can address issues before you sell it. That way, you can ensure you properly maintain your home by performing regular checks on it to see if it has any damages.

1. Review the Walls and Ceiling

You should start by taking a look at the walls and ceiling in your home. This seems simple, but you can easily come across issues with your home if you pay attention to the walls and ceiling. For example, you may have bumped into a wall at one point and left a small mark, so you need to look at these marks and fix them.

Depending on the conditions of the walls or ceiling, you may need to re-paint them, so you can make your home look nicer. You should also look for any damaged walls since holes or cracks can form if people accidentally bump into them. For example, you may bump a piece of furniture into the wall and cause a bit of damage.

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Make sure to look into drywall putty and similar products for repairs.

2. Check the Air Quality

The air quality stands out as an important part of the home, so you need to make sure you maintain it. Most homes have an air system they use including air conditioners, heaters and many others, so you need to look through them for air issues.

For example, if you have air quality issues, the system may not properly block pollen, so you could face more allergies in your home. Check your filters and replace them with Lennox air filters if they start to go bad. You should also clean off the filters when necessary, so you don’t overheat the air systems.

You need to check the rest of the system when you check the filters. Even if you won’t need the AC or heater soon, you should check and make sure they don’t have air quality issues.

3. Look Into Bathroom Leaks

Since homes have tons of water and plumbing in the bathroom, you should check each bathroom in your home. This means going through the various appliances and ensuring they work properly without any leaks. For example, if you notice any leaks coming out of the base of your toilet, you may need to replace the seal to fix the issue.

The same applies to other parts of your bathroom including the shower, bathtub, and sink. When you check the shower, you should look at the showerhead for any signs of leaking. If you notice problems, you may need to replace the showerhead or tighten it. The same applies to the bathtub except you want to check the spout and the tub’s seal.

Make sure you also look underneath the sink to see if you have any water leaks.

4. Fix Any Exterior Problems

You should use your time reviewing the exterior of your home when necessary. Since people spend more time in their home than around it, many of them may not notice any problems with the outside of their houses. As you go outside and look at the house, you should consider the siding, the roof, and the foundation.

As the link explains, you should look for signs of cracking, paint falling off, or other issues. You should also check the roof to make sure it doesn’t have any signs of serious damages including shingles falling off or leaks in your house. You can check the foundation by inspecting the pillars and beams for cracks or damages.

You should check the outside of your home every few months, so you can look for these issues and address them right away.


If you can focus on your home and look into its issues, you can address them and make your home better overall. Make sure you take the time to look at your home and see if you have any problems. If you do this, you can improve your home, potentially increase its value and even fix some issues before they become worse and cost you more money.

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