3 Tips To Help You Escape Unemployment

losing a job does

Job markets are very limited these days, and this has made many people unemployed. Long-term unemployment is scary and depressing. Remember, your bills will not be aware of your unemployment, you will still have to pay bills. The worst part is that the more you stay unemployed, the less you have the chance of getting another job.

losing a job does

This is because most companies might hesitate to employ you, questioning why you have been unemployed for a long period. However, you can work on yourself and get a job as soon as you lose one, and here are some tips that can help you escape unemployment.

1.  Assess Your Moves

When you lose your job, take that chance to think about your next move. Your next move will determine where you want to work next. Here you can do either of the following:

Go back to school

When you lose your job, let it not be the end of your career. Instead, use that opportunity to go back to school and become a better person. Gaining more knowledge and skills will add value to your job. When you come back to the field looking for another opportunity, you will have high chances of being hired because you are more valuable than before. Going back to school is not wasting time, whether you will further your studies overseas or study in a local university, you will become an outstanding person.

Work as a volunteer.

Are you frustrated about staying home due to unemployment? You can work as a volunteer in your field to escape boredom and also to gain more experience. Volunteering also enables you to network, every day, you meet people at work, and they get to see what you have to offer. In case the company needs an extra employee, or anyone gets to hear of a vacancy somewhere else under the same field, you will have enough references.

2.  Look for an Opportunity

Once you lose your job, your self-esteem might go down. But let it not be so, losing a job does not mean you are not good enough. Therefore, do not get comfortable. Instead, look around for opportunities. For instance:

Start your own business

When looking for opportunities, also look for gaps in the market. Nothing feels good like owning your own business and being your boss. Here you have lower risks of losing the job in the future. All you have to do is identify a gap. However, it does not have to do with what you studied in school. Once you place what to deal with, ensure you have all the needed documents and capital. When your business starts running, your efforts will determine how much profit you will get and how fast your business will grow. Also, by starting your own business, you create employment opportunities for others, thus enhancing growth in the community.


Do a lot of research online on job opportunities and know your value on the market. Today several websites advertise job opportunities. Look for a job that offers a salary matching your years of experience. For instance, you can search for jobs online under jobs near me. You might get an opportunity where they will consider you because of your knowledge and skills.

3. Network

For a fact, these days, getting a job is more about connections than experience and skills. Increase your networking, join online groups with people in your career field, go to conferences, and attend workshops concerning your career. Here you will get to meet new people and update your contacts with professional contacts.

Among the many people you meet, you will find some good people willing to help you find a job. You might meet a business owner who can hire you when in need of what you offer, or you can meet people who will refer you in case they spot an opportunity. Do not sit at home because you are jobless, use that time to create new connections.

No one wants to be unemployed, you might be doing your best but still lose your job due to retrenchment. Also, you can be working, but when you look into the future, there is a chance that you might lose your job. Do not sit back and wait, instead get busy, look for opportunities, and create networks. This will enable you to identify job opportunities easily when you are unemployed.

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