10 Tips for Making your Landscape Fit the Season

Trees and flowers make essential components of softscaping. This type of landscaping is very famous in Calgary because of the cost-effectiveness and the value it puts on residential properties. Garden landscaping requires some clever work beforehand. You should ask a professional landscape designer to help you in selecting the right plants for your front yard. The landscape design should fit the overall style of your home. You need special focus on the changing seasons because you have to maintain your landscape design accordingly.

How to make your landscape design ready for the season?

Springs bring life to your garden, and you need to remove dead leaves more regularly in the fall season. Summers can bring fruits to your trees, and during winters, you should know how to deal with the thick layer of snow placed on your plants. A perfect landscape design in Calgary should work really well during all seasons. Summers can fade the paint of your home, and the winter season is just not right for newer construction. Following are some tips that can help you maintain your landscape design in Calgary according to the changing weather:

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1.   Plan your foundation:

The foundation of your garden is the first thing that requires your attention. Landscaping designs in Calgary that incorporate smart accessories, bright colours, and vibrant textures can work really well in all seasons. It would be best if you focused on a few well-placed shrubs and trees. In this way, you can actually utilize smaller space in a much better way. Give a try to evergreens for all-season privacy and a lush backdrop.

2.   Choose a style:


The style of your landscape design should be very identical to the overall appearance of your home. You can hire services from professional landscape designers in Calgary. They will help you to add sophisticated details that can make heads turn towards your yard. When you plan your landscaping project in a specific style, it is easier to cut costs on unnecessary maintenance.

3.   Know your site:

It is very crucial to consider a landscape design in Calgary that coincides with the weather condition. For garden landscaping, choose an area of your house that is exposed to direct sunlight and water. Utilize the shady area for hardscaping, like the outdoor kitchen. Plan the patios and walkways properly so that they can further augment the style of your home.

4.   Paint your home:

Sunny summers of Calgary can damage the paint of your home. The snowy winter season can lead to mold production in changing weather. So, spring and fall are excellent weathers to plan for a fresher look at your property. Always use high-quality all-season paint because it can last longer. If the paint of your home is fine, shoot for areas with chipped paints. It will save you more money on maintenance.

5.   Never lose the appearance:


During the winter season, you need extra focus on the snow. It can make the walkways slippery. Clean it up on a regular basis. During fall, you cannot leave your garden full of dead leaves. You need to maintain the water features all year long. Winters are perfect for pool Maintainance. You can also hire services from professional landscape designers all year long.

6.   Prepare the soil:

It would help if you focused on the soil condition before starting the plantation. An ideal soil should have a balanced pH and a lot of nutrients for plants. Soil testing is very cheap in Calgary, but it can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Fall is the best season to seed the soil in Calgary.

7.   Consider the mulch:

You need to apply fresh mulch in your garden for the better growth of your plants. Thick mulch works really well in Calgary. Fluffing the mulch in late summers can bring a fresh look to your flowerbeds. The mulch should not be thicker than three inches because it can serve as a hiding place for insects.

8.   Smart hardscaping:

You need to be creative about the hardscaping options. Augment your softscaping by adding water foundations, fire pots, outdoor lighting, and an outdoor kitchen. For winters, fire pots and misty outdoor lights work really well. In summers, you can plan outdoor parties in your yard so, an outdoor kitchen is a perfect choice for you.

9.   Choose your plants carefully:


You should know what kind of plants grow well in Calgary?s atmosphere. Use tall trees to create a fence around your boundary line. It will protect your home from snow, direct sunlight, and winds. Your landscape designer can help you in this regard.

10. Seek professional services:

DIY landscaping can increase the maintenance cost for your landscape design in Calgary. Professional landscape designers in Calgary know how to augment the overall style of your house. They will help you in designing a landscaping project that works really well in Calgary?s atmosphere.

A perfect front yard landscaping in Calgary is the one that works really well in all seasons. You need to focus on snow removal during the winter season. Fall is really great to grow your garden. You can enjoy outdoor parties in the summers. Landscape designers can help you in planning your Calgary landscaping project to reduce your maintenance cost while keeping your home ready for buyers all year long.


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