10 Things You May Haven’t Noticed in Joomla Website Development

Joomla has been downloaded more than 50 million times and has become one of the most used CMS in the last 6 years. It is the most popular one enjoying the second most popular CMS position after WordPress.

One of the main advantages of Joomla is that it supports object-oriented programming languages. It offers maximum convenience to easily write their programs.

joomla website development.

Due to its intuitive structure and mobile responsiveness, big players have started to show their trust in Joomla.

Let?s see the ten most important things which you have not come to know about joomla website development.

1. Module Assignment

You want to add a period at a specific position on all pages. But in joomla website development, you will publish a module in the selected module position and assign the menu items where you want the module to appear.

It hardly takes time and that’s it. Again, no code is needed here. It is the best opportunity offered by it.

2. SP Page Builder

As more and more people enter the online world, people are hoping to build their websites quickly and easily. Content editors and modules were important. But today there is a new normal. This is called drag and drop page building.

This revolution first started in WordPress, but Joomla quickly picked up on this trend. Joom Shaper provided Joomla with a killer page builder. SP Page Builder is Joomla’s number one drag and drops page builder.

3. ACY mailing

If you are not into email marketing, you are just leaving your money on the table. If you have a website then you should create your email list.

If you want to create an email list and send emails, you should use the most popular Joomla extension: ACYMailing. The software is a feature-rich mail component and ticks all the correct boxes.

4. Minimum Hosting Requirements

To run a Joomla-based website, you don’t need to have premium hosting. joomla website development services are also often run on shared hosting. There are many hosting service providers which provide dedicated Joomla hosting packages.

There is a facility to install Joomla with one click on the server. Hosting requirements also depend on the size of your website and the amount of traffic on your websiteJFB Connection

Joomla extension allows people to participate via their Facebook profiles. An indispensable feature of your website is the integration with Facebook. More than 2.5 billion active users in 2020 – this is the largest active network to date.

You’ll want to ride the wind and the waves. It is useful to integrate comments through a user’s Facebook profile for several reasons. Users don’t have to register or create a new profile. They just need to log in with Facebook.

6. It supports PHP scripts

Joomla supports PHP in website development services. When you want to add functionality to your website, you don’t have to write long code. When you want to make some changes to the function, it is easier to change the code.

Due to PHP, you can connect to the database more efficiently. PHP has its memory, which reduces server load and improves processing speed.

7. Syndication and management of news sources

This is another cool feature that allows you to automate the content of your website. With Joomla, you can easily integrate your site content so that your users can purchase new content in their favorite RSS readers.

It’s just as easy to integrate RSS feeds from other sources and aggregate all of these feeds on your site.

8. Easy Blog

This Joomla extension makes your website very suitable for blogging too. While it’s not as popular as WordPress in terms of blogging or has a very good reputation for it, Joomla is also very well suited for blogging.

However, the blogging platform can also get more features, so you can bravely recommend even more blogging tools for it.

9. Joomla Web Development offers a Comprehensive Help System

Joomla includes a built-in help section to help users find what they have. The glossary explains the terms in plain English, the version check ensures that you are using the latest version.

The system information tool can help you troubleshoot. If all other methods fail, you can also link to a large number of online resources to further help and stand up. In this regard, it is the best option.

10. Contact Enhanced Components

Don’t want to make sure your customers know how to contact you? You know those beautiful Google Maps location maps in the “Contact Us” module.

Contact Enhanced is a Joomla extension, it is a contact manager and module component extension. It inserts some missing functions into the core.