The way to find the perfect wedding cake

It is not appropriate to talk about weddings during the times of a pandemic like this. But, we can speak about the beautiful times that await you after the pandemic and you can start the planning of your beautiful wedding right away. Talking about the mainstream facets of marriage is […]


Being a foodie isn’t just a thing, it’s an emotion isn’t it? You bet it is, everytime you revisit your home or head to a new city you would surely want to try something new or something that was recommended by others if you’re passionate about trying new cuisines. But […]

Traditional food in Rajasthan

Rajasthani cooking is rich, vivid, and remarkable, only like its way of life. Milk, bunches of explained margarine (ghee), and neighborhoodflavors are the requirements of numerous nearby dishes. From the scope of veggie lover and non-vegan alternatives to sweet and exquisite delights, find the typicalRajasthani recipes you have to attempt.  […]

Interesting Facts and Views over Dessert Items

Most of us hold some blushing reactions while having our favorite foods. It’s just like a trigger of eating items that makes more excitement. Especially when it comes to desserts that are prepared in hotels or homes like continental recipes with complete pastry cooking it gives much more temp to […]

9 Breath Freshening Foods That You Must Try

Have you ever wondered why do we serve salads along with meals or why is mouth fresheners served always in the restaurants after you are done eating? Well, these help in providing good digestion and putting off the bad breath caused by the meal you just had. You wouldn’t want […]