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    Closure of offices due to pandemic:-

    The epidemic of coronavirus induced a complete lockdown across the whole world; all the businesses and markets were closed to prevent transmission of the virus. It encouraged people to work from homes instead of gathering at physical offices and causing a risk to spread coronavirus. The pandemic has changed life totally, and many people lost their jobs due to lockdown, the remaining are advised to do work from homes. Though it has been proved beneficial for some people, but some of them are facing issues in work from homes. 

    Difficulties one may face in working from home:-

    Remote working has made the life of single parents adamant in the UK, and they have to complete their job responsibilities as well as managing their children at home. It can create troubles to complete work and may induce negative impacts on efficiency with a result of low output. Moreover, a stable and fast internet connection is required to stay connected with colleagues and boss. Some troubled in getting enough space at home, where they can do their work efficiently like not everyone is financially stable to have a comfortable chair and table for using laptop conveniently. 

    ?Zoom? a remote app for connections:-

    Everyone working from home is connected remotely to his boss and colleagues via an application namely zoom, it provides video conferencing up to unlimited participants along with a facility of screen sharing. No doubt, in this situation of the pandemic, it helped a lot in business meetings to avoid gatherings and prevent the spread of coronavirus by just attending meetings online from homes. All the companies across the UK are using Zoom as a communication way, minimizing the risks of the spread of coronavirus. But the major drawback of remote working is that you are unable to meet your colleagues face to face, it influences your mentality and creativity. As live meetups in centralized offices build strong understandings and enhance the self-confidence of a person.

    Reforms for anti-COVID-19 offices:-

    Majority of employees are working from homes, but the government has allowed to open some offices while maintaining safety measures to prevent infections of coronavirus. Cheap assignment help has also all the professional team of expert?s writers working properly with all safety measures in the prevailed pandemic too. Now offices are opened, and employees are welcomed back by anti-COVID-19 offices having safety measures like temperature checks at the entrance, spaced-out desks for staff, contact-less coffee dispensers, plastic prodders for lift buttons and circling in the offices to maintain physical distance. Though all these facilities deemed eccentric and invasive at the start of January, but these were need of time now to prevent coronavirus along with the continuation of works. Many businesses in the UK has to reverse back to offices in order to get its feet back under the desk, for a significant improvement in the International market. 

    Zoom is not a replacement for centralized offices:-

    No doubt, Zoom helped all the companies a lot, but experts analyzed and concluded that Zoom is not a reliable replacement for centralized offices, employers deployed of many valuable profits while continuing works via Zoom. From the last week, companies in the UK became able to decide whether employees can return to offices safely, and which employees will return and which will stay at homes still. According to an estimate, 34% of white-collared employees of UK have returned to offices for daily work, while in Continental Europe has almost 68% of staff is returned to offices after the relaxation of lockdown in order to overcome losses induced by the pandemic.

    Steps took by British Land:-

    British land is one of the major employers in the UK, trying to get its staff back to offices. Almost 30% of the 300 employees at its central headquarters in London have returned to the office, while it ensured the safety and health maintenance of workers. The workers are provided with hand washing facilities by giving them hand sanitizers and only one-way movement system is allowed in the whole office in order to avoid physical contacts.

    Selection of workers to return to offices:-

    In June, companies decided to call a returning notice to employees on the basis of volunteers, and no employee was forced to come back to offices for work. Those who wanted to work from homes, were allowed to continue their jobs at homes. While those who voluntary chosen to come back offices were welcomed by the employers by making sure safety measures in the offices. The authorities in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland allowed employees to work at their ease, and there will be no enforcement to return offices.     

    Delay in office reopening:-

    Many companies based in England are still sticking to work from homes until at least September. It includes many financial, energy and law firm that refused to reopen offices now due to pandemic of coronavirus. On the other side, NatWest and Google have decided not to reopen offices until 2021.

    Safety measures for employees:-

    The employees of those offices who are joining now are presented with a branded pouch on their first day of returning to offices, including a mask, a digital thermometer, a plastic lift button-pusher a hand sanitiser and a thanking note for the commitment. All employees are advised to maintain physical distance which is issued by the Health Department to avoid transmission of coronavirus. The canteens would remain closed to prevent gatherings in the offices. 

    The Chief Executive of British Land, Mr Chris Grigg said that the company decided to keep its building opened in lockdown, even while unoccupied, just to provide a better environment to employees when they return to offices after lockdown. All the offices were cleaned on a daily basis, and now ventilation systems are improved to provide fresh air to the employees so that the health of employees is not compromised. He exclaimed that not all the safety measures are visible, we have tried to block all the transmission pathways for the virus and made alterations to the heating system so that suffocation problems are reduced to zero ends. Due to these safety measures, many employees opted out to come into work in offices, while those who have not chosen to come back are subjected to harmful practices like transport issues, childcare or some type of fears.? ??


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