6 YouTube SEO Strategies to Implement in 2023

Are you still believing that getting views and a higher rank on YouTube is either magic or a matter of luck? Then you are mistaken!

If you want to start your YouTube journey but are afraid of not being successful then SEO is the only thing that could help you. Yes, getting viral on YouTube is not luck but a proper implementation of SEO. It optimises your video content accordingly, resulting in a higher rank on SERP. This way your video gets a high chance of receiving more views and getting monetised soon.

Let us know about all the SEO strategies you should implement in 2023 in detail!

What Are the YouTube SEO Strategies to Implement in 2023?

Some of the main YouTube SEO strategies you must implement on your videos in 2023 are as follows:

  1. Research for Focused Keywords

Researching and implementing keywords is the most important YouTube strategy that you should not miss. Like most search engines, the ranking of videos on YouTube is done by matching the most relevant keyword to the users’ search terms.

Now, to find the perfect set of keywords, you can use various keyword research tools available on the internet. Choose some of the high quality keywords and incorporate them in your videos for YouTube bots to scroll and rank them accordingly. However, remember to not divert from the main subject of the video as doing so can only harm the brand name of your channel.

Let us see some of the keywords that the YouTube search box suggests to us!

  • Video Title Optimisation

Once you research and collect your perfect set of keywords, it is time to use it efficiently and improve the ranking of your video on YouTube. A very common way of using these keywords is by adding them to the video title and optimising it. However, even if you optimise your title, it is important to frame it in such a way that provokes users to click on it.

Besides, you should also make sure to keep your title within 60 characters which are approximately 5 words, to display it completely on the SERP. You can additionally create a sense of suspense in your title by using power words, to attract more audience.

Let us see some examples of optimised YouTube video titles!

  • Optimise the Video Description

YouTube video description box is the best place where you can describe the content in a fine way. Here, you can use the researched keywords to optimise the description, especially in the beginning part. It is also prescribed to use links to other videos or playlists in your channel to hold the attention of the viewers a little more and gain watch hours.

However, links are not mandatory to boost the YouTube algorithm but are still of much use in the description. Despite everything, do not forget to add the keywords for YouTube bots to crawl and give a better ranking to your video on the SERP. You may hire a top content writing agency?for that job too, if you are not an expert in this field.

Let us see an example of an optimised YouTube video description!

  • Include Researched and Proper Tags

Tags are the researched keywords used in the backend of a YouTube video to give it a higher ranking on the SERP. Just like YouTube bots crawl through your description box, it also crawls at the backend where you add your tags. The relevancy of these tags gives your video reach and engagement, which leads to monetisation finally.

Moreover, you can use anything between long to short-length keywords or words that are simply relevant and give your video a ranking. Besides, there are no restrictions to the number of tags and hence, you can add as many of them as you want.

Let us see an example of using tags in the back end of a YouTube video!

  • Create an Eye-catching Thumbnail

A video title and thumbnail are the two important things that a viewer notices before clicking on the video. Among these two, thumbnail carrying more space on the screen comes first under notice by these viewers. Hence, it is very important to add an attractive and bright thumbnail to grab the attention of a maximum number of audiences.

However, YouTube itself suggests 3 thumbnail options while uploading the video, but these images are neither attractive nor relatable to the main topic. Basically, these are just mere screenshots from some scenes of the actual video that is auto-generated by YouTube for our use. Moreover, a thumbnail should be powerful and have a CTA or sense of suspense to intrigue more viewers to click on it.

Let us see examples of some eye-catching thumbnails in a YouTube video!

  • Add Closed Captions

Although YouTube bots crawl over the videos you post online, they are unable to understand the language or action you use there. YouTube uses an AI to convert your words into closed captions but usually, these auto-generated texts have multiple errors. Moreover, these captions are also used to search for relevant keywords and rank your video content accordingly.

Hence, it is mandatory to edit these closed captions in your favour to avoid the wrong words. A wrong caption might affect the rank of your video as YouTube bots might be unable to understand the meaning it interprets. To avoid such a rank drop, adding your own closed caption is always recommended.

However doing all that by yourself can be very hectic, so hiring a digital marketing agency?may get the job done for you.

Final Word

Although it is important to incorporate all these SEO strategies while uploading a video on YouTube, it is also important to be consistent. This is because consistency is the only key to being successful in this field and gaining monetisation.

On the other hand, it is also important to understand your audience and build video content accordingly. However, if you notice the above mentioned strategies, we can find the importance of adding relevant keywords in every step. Thus, keep in mind all these important tips very uploading your YouTube video and succeed gradually.

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