Types of Women Sandals That Effortlessly Blend Comfort With Style

women sandals

Summer is almost here! It is time to ditch heavy shoes and sport some trendy sandals. Be it taking a walk with your pet in the morning or going for a stroll with your special someone in the evening; a comfortable pair is all you need. Is it possible to have sandals that look chic and are easy on your feet too? 

Absolutely! With the BIRKENSTOCK original footbed, you get dapper sandals with premium cushioning. Not only do you look fabulous, but the soft footbed supports your feet for the long day ahead. The summer fun and frolic get breezy and sporty. Oh! And you need not worry about the plethora of styles that are available. You get the best of style in different shades and embellishments.

The Magic of German Craftsmanship for Both Comfort and Style

Women tend to complain about their sandals being distressing. If they are fashionable, then you are bound to experience pain. Not anymore! BIRKENSTOCK is a premium brand that has a history tracing back to the 1700s. With their German craftsmanship finesse, you get the benefit of footbed technology. Loaded with premium cushioning, this footwear is recommended by orthopedics. You get trendy styles with the famous footbed technology. Check these few sandals out!

Blend Comfort With Style

Timeless Icon

The epitome of style and comfort-� Arizona� remains a classic model since 1973. Known as �The BIRKENSTOCK sandal,� these are made up of cork-latex footbeds. Famous for their ultra-lightweight, they are highly flexible. You can sport them at the beach or in a park. Present in different colors, these sandals are skin-friendly, waterproof, and shock-absorbing.

Single-Strap Wonder

The �Madrid� was the first style ever created in BIRKENSTOCK history. With its minimalistic design, it still remains one of the favorites among people. It is designed keeping nature in mind, and no two shoes are the same in looks and feel. The soft footbed is color-coordinated with the upper strap making it look sophisticated.

Elegant Mayari

The BIRKENSTOCK thong sandal is popular among both men and women. Due to its elegance and exotic design, it is a delight to wear. You can carry on all your daily activities throughout the day with no pain and utmost comfort. Not only is it skin-friendly, but it has a toe loop that makes it more durable.

Fashionable Gizeh

Birkenstock�s Gizeh sandal has a dapper design with minimalism. You can opt for the alligator design for a casual day out with friends. It has a shiny effect with a matte base that makes it look chic. The metal tongue buckle on the side is adjustable, making it practical.

Luxurious Yao

Yao from BIRKENSTOCK is an instant eye-catcher! People who like luxury with simplicity will instantly fall in love with it. It comes in subtle shades as well as metallic colors for all kinds of events. The intersecting straps can turn any apparel classy. It is a mixture of both comfort and style in its true sense.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of the occasion, your footwear should be comfortable with no compromise on style. Made with German craftsmanship, BIRKENSTOCK sandals keep up the promise. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a pair of your favorite sandals now.


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