Reasons Why You Should Use Bamboo Utensils

Bamboo is grass and can be cut without killing the plant. When you move the grass, it doesn?t die but continues to grow thus making bamboo a highly renewable ecofriendly resource. It also grows faster than any wood and has the potential to grow up to a meter a day. Bamboo can be grown and harvested without the use of pesticides and is therefore a perfect raw material for making utensils such as bamboo steamers and more. The benefits of using bamboo utensils are as follows;

Safe with Non-stick Cooking Surfaces

Bamboo utensils are quite reliant as they would not scratch non-stick cooking pans and pots when preparing different dishes because they are soft and gentle on cooking surfaces and therefore will not harm your cookware. Bamboo utensils are made without glue or adhesive, this helps prevents the adhesive leaching into your food especially when cook under high temperatures, they are also hand finished with an organic, food-safe oil not lacquer or cheap coatings like ones used in traditional wooden utensils which can flake in your cooking.


Bamboo material itself is affordable which makes the utensils quite cost-friendly and is usually the right choice for people on a budget. One can get many bamboo utensils on the same budget that would get you fewer metal utensils.

Environmentally friendly

The reason as to why bamboo utensils are gaining popularity is because of its environmentally friendly features. Most eco-conscious individuals use these utensils. Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial; this means that using bamboo utensils keeps you healthier. It also reduces waste and doesn?t damage soil and is safer for farmers and workers handling bamboo.

They are lightweight

Bamboo utensils are easily portable since it made of a lightweight material. This makes the utensils perfect for picnics, camping and travel because they are comfortable to use, light and 100% biodegradable and leave no carbon print behind.

They are durable

Of course, there are numerous benefits of bamboo utensils. These utensils are extremely strong and durable than wooden or plastic ones because they are light and flexible. Bamboo is also non-toxic a therefore the utensils are safe to use as long as one keeps them clean

Stain and odor resistant

Bamboo is a heat, stain and odor-resistant material.  The utensils don?t absorb water and are easier to clean after use. Because of its heat resistant nature, bamboo utensils are great for dishes that require a lot of stirring such as soups. Bamboo utensils also do not change shape but retain its original shapes despite long duration of use.

Smooth and attractive finish

These utensils have a smooth finish and will not get rough or porous surfaces after months of use. Its smooth finish lasts longer than that of traditional wooden utensils and is therefore a better choice.


With bamboo utensils one doesn?t have to give up aesthetic to make the world a better place because the utensils have better designs than steel or wooden utensils. These utensils can even be custom made for an individual on request and will add a fresh touch to any kitchen. Bamboo utensils make great gifts for occasions such as weddings or housewarming

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