Why You Need App For Your Business

The mobile epidemic is on the rise. These days, there are more than two billion smartphone users working worldwide. And all these people choose the smartphone as the easiest device for their daily activities.

Some people uses mobile inbuilt messaging services like Samsung messaging, ios messaging but they faces the issues like message+ keeps stopping, samsung+ has stopped

App For Business

The possibilities for this market are endless, and if you have not already done so, it is your time. In this article, we’ll take a look at why a website is not an online marketing business option, what benefits you will get if you create a popular mobile app and what functionality you will need to install there.

Your site is not enough

Ask yourself which device you use the most. Is it a PC or phone? I’m sure it’s a smartphone. Now, ask yourself what is the easiest way to work with a mobile app or website with a mobile browser? I think the answer is obvious. And we are not the only ones who have noticed a difference. Here are some statistical facts taken from the PR Newswire portal to prove my point:

• Mobile app users browse 280% compared to websites on mobile devices.

• Mobile applications have a higher rate of 90% of the items added to the basket compared to mobile websites.

• Mobile websites in the sales sector have a conversion rate of less than 100% compared to mobile applications.

The numbers clearly show that mobile applications work best in areas such as customer engagement and increased profitability. And another thing to consider, the Flurry analytics portal has calculated that modern mobile users spend about 90% of their time working with apps and only 10% in browsing.

You see the numbers and you have to make conclusions because your competitors do it. Every day we find thousands of mobile apps on sale and there are a number of reasons why business owners create them.

Business benefits

All of these expressions such as “business development” and “profit growth” sound very difficult. Let’s talk about the real benefits you will get after the release of your sales app:

Sales consolidation. It is estimated that more than 85% of users who install a commercial application use it regularly. About 55% of these people bought through the app last month.

Very promising statistics, right! Alternatively, with the help of discounts, special offers and loyalty programs for mobile customers, you can easily break these records. For example, Alibaba, an online marketing app famous for its discounts, received huge profits from mobile users – about $ 25 per user per month!

Turn off competitors.

This business when taught and racing is huge. Did you know that 60% of all entrepreneurs interviewed in the marketing industry have confirmed that they are ready to start their app development or have released one? Modern apps are much easier to use, have a much more intuitive interface than mobile websites and% 45 has been removed from AYTM survey participants who say they prefer to purchase with a mobile app rather than a website. Contact a mobile app development company and launch your product faster than your competitors!

Build product loyalty.

Product recognition and honesty are the biggest thing in your company. Many businesses are trying to build their own marketing campaigns in a way that will increase their popularity with the product. This is one of the main reasons many business owners create their own mobile app.

Store experience development.

It is estimated that more than 50% of customers can use both the mobile app and the hardware store. Which is to say that these ideas are not mutually exclusive. In addition, one can help the other. That way, you can improve your store experience with the help of the mobile app.

For example, with the barcode scanner app, your customers can get more information about the product and its features without having to include an employee. And with that, your customers can pre-order goods and pick them up whenever they want.

List of MVP features

However, there are some features that should be perfect for your mobile marketing app. Here is:

Simple catalog.

It needs a well-organized and well-organized catalog to help users save their time and their senses. Here’s your tip, use only high-quality stock photos and keep your catalog up to date. There is nothing that frees customers like something you can see in the app but you can’t buy it because it doesn’t.

Many filters.

Customers are in high demand these days which is why it can be helpful to add additional filters to the standard, such as size, color and more.

Simple payments.

Enter a few payment options. Not all people use Visa or MasterCard alone. Various options give the user the right to choose. It would also be good if you add a total cost to your shopping cart, so that the user can see if you have enough money or need to pull out one or a few items.

The information we have listed above should be your guide if you want to make your sales business thrive. The modern era requires modern technology and methods. Don’t waste your time and give your customers the opportunity to shop comfortably!

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