Why You Should Use Appium Mobile Testing Tools for App Testing? Plus, Top 5 Pros

Appium mobile testing tools
Appium mobile testing tools

These days, many businesses are designing and developing gorgeous-looking apps to drive user engagement and boost their product sale. You might be having one as well; it doesn�t matter whether it is a mobile or web app. Now can you tell us – did you check the performance of your mobile application before launching it for your target audience? We know, more likely, you will say �Yes.� But, was the examination done on real devices and in actual network conditions? Now, your answer might be like, �I can�t remember that exactly.� Believe it or not, that�s where the massive issue lies. And it is the main reason experts suggest testing your web or mobile app using Appium mobile testing tools or similar ones before launching it. 

We know what you are thinking right now, so we will answer your concern in the following section of this blog.

Why do you need to test your Android or iOS app on real devices and in real-world network conditions?

The first thing first is, can you control the location of your users? Not, right? It means they can be available in areas having lower, higher, or medium network coverage. Not only that, the chances of all your potential customers having the latest Android or iOS mobile phones are also pretty low. Some might be having outdated operating systems, whereas the rest would be just 2 to 3 versions behind the latest OS. 

In that case, it is essential to ensure that your native or hybrid app functions appropriately on each device and every network condition without compromising on an excellent user experience and user interface. So, to achieve that goal, it is imperative to hire a leading app testing company that uses�Appium mobile testing tools�to perform automation testing.�

Once they have examined your mobile application for any feature, functionality, UI, or UX-related issues, they will fix it at the earliest. Additionally, they will also ensure your app delivers a pleasing experience whenever people on real devices and in actual network conditions interact with it. It will result in higher sales and long-term growth down the line. 

Now that you know the importance of testing your app in real-world situations, it�s time to paint an overall picture of Appium mobile testing tools.

What is Appium mobile testing?

Appium is a highly flexible, open-source, and cross-platform app testing tool that QAs use to automate various test cases. With this software at your disposal, you can�automate the test scenarios�for hybrid, native, and web applications.�

Do you know what the exceptional quality of this software is? It allows you to examine both Android and iOS apps and is most suitable for mobile app testing jobs. Suppose you don�t know what the term �open-source� means and its advantage. In that case, we must tell you that it refers to software whose core source code is available cost-free and can get redistributed and modified smoothly. 

Why should you choose Appium mobile testing?

Though there are many great mobile automation tools out there, such as Calabash, Robotium, Selendroid, MoneyTalk, UIAutomator, and many more, you should choose�Appium�for a few solid reasons. It performs well on different parameters such as:

1. Application source code need not be modified for the test automation purpose 

2. Writing tests should not be available in just one language 

3. Tests should run smoothly in every case; it doesn�t matter emulators, simulators, or real devices 

4. Community support should be readily available for the tool 

What else, you can create multiple test cases using Appium in any language, whether it is Ruby, Java, C#, or something else, without modifying the app for automation reasons. And since it can run on numerous handheld devices and emulators, most QAs consider it a highly scalable option for mobile automation. 

What are the advantages of using Appium?

1. It makes for cross-platform testing; it doesn�t matter whether you want to test your native or hybrid app on Android or iOS devices

2. It provides support for built-in apps, such as phone, camera, and calendar 

3. It allows communication between several mobile applications 

4. It doesn�t require you to involve additional agents in your app for making it automation-friendly 

5. It supports multiple languages like Java, Ruby, and PHP that are web driver compatible 

What are the pre-requisites for using Appium?

1. Android SDK (Software Development Kit) 

2. Java JDK (Java Development Kit)

3. Maven 

4. XCode for MAC installation 

5. Eclipse IDE � Android Develop Tools and Maven Plugin 

The endnote 

We hope you now know what Appium mobile testing is and why it is vital to use this tool for your smartphone application testing. So, if you are looking for a perfect outsourced partner to carry out your app inspection tasks, get into conversation with a highly experienced mobile app and browser testing firm in the US. 


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