7 Reasons Why SEO Isn’t a Choice, It’s a Necessity

You’ve made a beautiful website with appropriate content, architecture, and design. But, it is not able to drive much organic traffic. Oh, wait! You’re missing out on an essential ingredient in the recipe. It is SEO.

Why can’t Businesses suffice without SEO?

Wise budget management

One thing is an investment, and another thing is expenditure. SEO acts as an investment. You get brand awareness, an authority website, and high lead conversions. Hiring an SEO consultant or taking the help of SEO experts gives you a high ROI. 

A person coming on a Search engine, his chances of clicking on #1 results are 28.5%. It reduces to 2.5% on the #10 rank. What about the number two page? It has a null probability of getting clicks. Thus, you drive almost 25% of traffic on your site without doing anything else.

Moreover, it works for you 24*7 and without any leave.

SEO determines your footprint

Any brand has two types of presence local and global. Do you think that famous local brands or professionals have any existence even in the neighboring city? Mostly, no. Additionally, some of the international brands have negligible influence in the local sense. A sigh of relief! SEO takes care of both aspects deeply. 

SEO services in India keep your GMB listings up to date. They generate original content to improve your digital presence. Ranking high on local searches is a determinant factor for your brand awareness. Besides this, do you want to cater to the global audience with your services and products? Then, SEO is the secret sauce to encourage you in building your global brand. 

Other than that, online reputation management plays a crucial role in improving your identity. SEO professionals deeply consider your online reviews and ratings. You may forget to take client’s testimonials, but they don’t. 

Pipeline for organic traffic

Are you confused between SEO and SEM? Search Engine management tries to influence users with paid advertisements. In contrast, SEO employs keyword optimization to address the concerns and pain points of viewers. 

Meta description and XML sitemap inform Google about the content type. So, what happens When a user puts in a query in the search console? Indeed, the search engine displays the best results from its indexed pages. 

Referral traffic from other websites acts as the positive votes for our content. The more quality backlinks mean that more organic traffic will keep on coming to your site. 

Boosts your website credibility and trust

Credibility and trust are no longer a domain of celebrities and famous personalities. Who we generally trust? Our family members, friends, or close ones. Trust is the factor that depends on whom we can rely. The ones who give us reliable information.

When a user moves from one link to another within the same site, it means that the website includes similar information, services, or products. It indicates a comprehensive niche description. Google counts high dwell time as the positive factor.

SEO deals with diverse parameters such as URL structure, social media management, and content development after keyword discovery. These all jointly contribute to the trustworthiness of the customers. 

SEO complements PR 

Content and SEO act as the backbone in developing PR for digital marketing. You approach people related to your industry with engaging content. Guest blogging, partnership, mutually benefit link building are essential SEO tactics. 

Backlinks give a positive signal in the related community about the existence of the powerful brand. Earning links from reputable brands helps you in many ways. Your website benefits from the traffic of the linking website.

Further, working on optimized content development gives you more exposure. It makes you aware of market trends. You learn a lot about the strategies used by your co-brands. Additionally, you can think about how to improvise your products and services. 

SEO target mobile users

SEO meal is incomplete without mobile-friendliness. More than 90% of the global population is using the internet on mobile. So, can you afford to ignore mobile SEO? Seriously, No. 

Few self-analysis question:

  1. Is the content readable?
  2. How does the site perform on mobile?
  3. What is the status of the CTA part?
  4. Are tabs well aligned with the site structure?

It is Google itself who advocates for Mobile-friendly tests of the website. Google launched the mobile-friendly ranking algorithm in 2015.

SEO widens your reach

Digital marketers are experts in filling the space left by traditional marketing. Besides, companies invest in billboards, flyers, visiting cards, TV ads, and whatnot. Later, when clients come home, they search for similar products that they see in ads. Here, optimized content, highlighted CTA buttons, CTA variations give them significant variations to make the best choices. 

Next, the best mention is the alt text. Also, visually impaired and blind persons benefit the most from voice recognition of optimized alt text. 


Let’s recap. SEO makes a big difference in your brand reputation and domain authority. SEO services take into account your geographical presence, content marketing, social media sharing and earn you regular traffic. So, how are you thinking to start applying your SEO strategy?

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