Why people are running towards big-screen TVs these days

Role of smartphones in the TV transformation

India is at the cusp of a smartphone revolution. It is estimated that the number of smartphone users will double from the current 468 million to 859 million within the next 2-3 years, as per the joint study by ASSOCHAM-PwC. The advent of smartphones also means that television is now dethroned from being the only source of information or entertainment. While most Indians would still find it very hard not to own a TV, they are no longer looking at buying a TV as a basic necessity.  


The emergence of mobile phones as a dominant device to be owned has meant that televisions needed to go to greater lengths to make themselves distinguishable from smartphones and tablets. It is not just the upwardly mobile users of our country who have taken to smartphones, but also the poorer denomination. Therefore, one of the ways TVs have made themselves stand out is by making themselves larger. 

For a large section of tech-savvy consumers, tablets have become their personal viewing devices, and televisions the family viewing devices. For the poorer sections, there is an aspirational value to having large-screen televisions. The phasing out of smaller TV sets has also accelerated this shift to televisions becoming larger.

Innovation driving the TV growth

LCD and LED industry commands a higher price per metre squared. While this means that manufacturers are pushing for larger screens that is not the only factor. There is also substantive advancement in visual technology with Ultra HD resolution, 8K displays and high dynamic range, among others. 

Thus, there is a greater emphasis on a visually immersive experience than the TV price being the sole driving factor. Initially, there was a perception that larger televisions required larger rooms. With that myth having been busted, as it is the viewing distance that counts and not room size, we see a shift towards larger screen TVs. 

The latest display options available make the picture on the screen more vivid and richer. This display phenomenon extends to standard SD content in addition to the HD content being produced. Therefore, even if a consumer were to not subscribe to the HD channels, a better experience of SD content would make it worthwhile to own a larger TV like a 43-inch TV.  With the average room size and viewing distance in India, 43-inch TVs with the latest display technology are emerging as more obvious choices. 

Other factors

Few other factors seem to be contributing to this trend. Cheaper data connections and the emergence of Netflix and other streaming platforms, for example, has made binge-worthy content viewing an exciting experience for the family. These platforms have invested a lot of money in generating and curating excellent content for their audience. 

To keep up with the streaming platforms, television channels also have to reinvent themselves with better content. All this content looks much better visually on Full HD or 4K displays. This concept of better display also extends the whole feel of the immersive experience. 

Smart televisions can be cumbersome, with the conventional remote control and multiple clicks. Smart TVs have their operating systems, and may not have MOUs with all the streaming platforms. Just getting a Google Chromecast or Amazon Firefly at an affordable price of 3000 to 4000 INR allows users to use their mobile phones as remote controls. 

They can stream content directly from a platform of their choice onto the television. Instead of buying a small smart television, it might make sense to some to buy a giant television like a 43 inch TV. This may not be a smart TV, but it will have better display features such as Full HD or 4K display.

EMIs to the rescue

These days, EMIs are also readily available to aid consumers in purchasing their favourite large screen TVs. Credit cards, debit cards and EMI cards allow consumers to purchase relatively expensive television sets, and pay for them in monthly instalments. For instance, one can shop at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, and buy products that come with bundled discounts at easy EMIs. 

Additionally, consumers can use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to avail of some exciting offers on their television purchase. Such a facility will help the consumer get a rich television viewing experience without worrying about the TV price.

Better gaming experience

Another phenomenon that is quickly catching up is the gaming culture. Thousands of users play multiplayer games on their PlayStations and X-box consoles by connecting them to their TVs. PlayStation consoles also double up as a remote for watching other things on the TV, while making gaming a great experience. 

Gamers certainly enjoy their characters come alive on a bigger screen. Watching their games come alive on their 43-inch TVs, irrespective of the viewing distance makes the TV price a non-issue.

Another factor that has played a massive role in accelerating the acquisition of more giant television sets by individuals is the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Television has become an essential communication device during this pandemic. Television stores have been reporting higher sales of larger screens set such as 43-inch TVs and above since June and July 2020. This phenomenon was also evident during the Diwali season in 2020. 

The pandemic has meant that people have had to spend more time at home, work from home, teach kids at home, etc. They have become interested in home improvement projects to make their homes more comfortable and enjoyable. This has been a natural progression towards consumers upgrading their television sets ahead of time.

All of these factors have contributed — and still contribute — to the growing popularity of large-screen TVs. You can purchase a large-screen TV from any of the top brands by shopping on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. You can also avail attractive discounts and offers by shopping at the EMI Store, and receive your TV set within just 24 hours of placing the order.

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