5 Reason Why Your Organization Needs Time Tracking

Did you know that the global time tracking software market is expected to reach USD 1785.36 billion by the year 2026?  

Sustainability in businesses is a must to be maintained and for this, the organizations must build effective strategies to smoothen the operations and plan time management. At the workplace, either in-office or remotely, time is the key element that needs to be utilized efficiently.  

In remote employee monitoring, time management is highly necessary to analyze performances to generate payrolls based on the productivity delivered and hours spent. 

Why Time Tracking? 

Is time tracking the need of the hour? Well, in small to large organizations, the day and night shift continuously work to make the business a success. The employees often work for the clients globally and locally and this arises the need to track the hours they worked on each project. The market demand and growth of time tracking software have successively improved the business operations and provided an automated platform to record hours and accelerate the client invoicing process. It’s been found that a total of 81 companies are into producing robust technologies for time tracking.  

The list of top time tracking software has occupied a great market share as shown below: 


Toggl is the best time tracking solution that eases smart and instant remote employee tracking. It’s widely in use by 5M+ users as it makes tracking easy and hassle-free. It has a market share of 40.74% and is used by 3,631 companies of all sizes and types. 


This is the right choice for managing people and projects. It features advanced technologies that best fit the business needs of management, managers, and resources. This fast and agile time tracking tool automates the processes, enhances collaboration, and controls projects for better results with a market share of 13.66%, Velocity is used by 1217 companies worldwide. 

Frontline Absence & Time 

The all-in-one Frontline Absence & Time software is developed by Frontline Education and has a market share of 10.4%. This employee attendance solution is widely in use by small and large industries such as Education, K-12 Schools, Organizations, Business services, etc. It is known for tracking the remote employee’s attendance and time and serving 904 companies presently.  


With nearly 4.69% of market share, TSheets has become the great employee time tracking software for web and mobile. The advanced features provide visibility, save time, and ease resource scheduling. Across the globe, 418 companies are using TSheets to record employees’ productive and idle hours, generating reports, creating invoices, and more. This fully customizable time tracker ensures to make time tracking simple and fast. 

TimeClock Plus

This time tracking software occupies a 3.49% market share and caters to the need of 311 companies. It is a cloud-based remote employee monitoring software that tracks time spent on projects, productivity levels, check-in & check outs, and more. Further, this helps in timesheet approvals, automates leave and attendance management, and more.  

  Check out the top 5 reasons to invest in time tracking software 

  • To Track Employee’s Time 

Remote staff tracking has become mandatory in businesses to get regular updates of employees. Accurate time management simplifies project management. The productivity check with automatic tools provides insights and measure the remote team’s progress. The time and status of ongoing projects are calculated hassle-free with online time trackers. The software offers optimum results based on a real-time digital clock. 

  • Robust Reporting of Productivity

The analytics and reporting in time tracking software stress-free quantify performances of remote staff. The reporting provides in-depth details of workday summary, projects/ task-specific details, and activity reporting. With the lost time, delayed project deadlines, and lower quality work, all information is recorded and converted into graphical reports displayed on a single platform. 

  • Client Billing Accuracy 

The businesses often work based on billable and non-billable hours. Manual time management in businesses is the reason behind the loss of data, productivity, and costs. Therefore, the modern employee monitoring tools help log accurate hours and generate invoices for clients. The fast and simple client billing in time tracker ensures high accuracy. 

  • On-Time Project Completion 

Project management in businesses must be managed by professional and automated tools. The multiple projects are tracked and managed all together and the larger projects are divided into smaller tasks for easy handling and better management. Priority-based project management improves business profitability. It also allows to set task deadlines, track progress, assign projects, and manage costs. 

  • Payroll Management

 The remote employee monitoring software tracks employee’s time daily and reduce the stress of managing payrolls. The easy-to-use software manages payroll in few minutes and reduces the administrative work. It helps to pay accurate salaries, auto-sync attendance & leave data, provides confirm calculations, and more. 

In the nutshell 

Tracking time software for mobile devices, desktops, and the web nowadays offers a smart approach to proactively know what all employees are doing at their remote locations. Managing employee time and absences, providing visibility, increasing compliance, and ensuring accurate payroll, is all that you can expect an employee time tracking software to do for you. 

One Tool, Multiple Benefits 

Talygen is in the market since 2009 and has been growing its popularity. This is a professional time tracking software that facilitates remote employee time and performance tracking. It promises to deliver accuracy, reliability, on-the-go tracking, simple & advanced functionality, intuitive user interface, timesheet management, and much more.

For more details about Talygen, browse https://talygen.com/.

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