Why my Epson printing blank pages

Epson printer printing blank pages

 Epson printer is one of the best products made by Seiko Epson Corporation. This is famous for producing inkjet, dot matrix and laser printers. It is a type of printer. The service of Epson printers is outstanding. As Epson printers are used by so many people. Some people report that the printer creates some technical problem.

The problem is that the Epson printer was printed blank which is a bother to you. To solve this problem there are some fixes.

?You become tense when your Epson printer printing blank pages

. You may say: it has been working great.

Epson printer printing blank pages

Check your gadget

  1. You have to ensure that the printer is placed on a flat surface.
  2. Check up the ink canister.
  3. You have to use supported paper.

(lucidity or creamy colour paper are not supported)

  • You have to know that files don’t have blank paper.
  • The size of the paper and layout setting in the software is accurate.

Epson printer fixes on printing blank page –

You may not need to try them all, do your work way down until you found one word for you.

Fix 1: Check your ink canister

For checking ink canister there are three conditions-

  1. ?The first and most common reason is that your ink level is low. You can easily solve this problem by filing the ink in the canister.
  2. The second condition is that one of your ink canisters is out of ink.? There is a sentence in the Epson manual that people don’t take seriously, they ignore it. You cannot print the page if one ink cartridge is enlarged and if another one is not enlarged. If some of the canisters are enlarged you have to change them or replace them with new ones. Otherwise, you face the problem of printing.
  3. The page is blank and they are not printed. The new canister has shielding tape. The ink is not only protected from leaking but also protected from print nozzles of sensitive ink canisters. You have to be careful with the addition of transparent plastic or a pointed mechanism, don’t remove it from ink containers if you remove it, it starts leaking or creating a problem while printing pages.

Fix 2: Cleaned your block nozzles

When you don’t use your printer for a long time this problem comes. Your nozzle may block and cause printing of black problems. Thepages are not printed. Epson printers have to build a cycle to determine this problem.

 Before starting to solve this problem you may sure that the LCD screen isn’t showing any error, then follow such steps – :

  1. In your printer, you have to press the home button and select setup, then swipe to maintenance.
  2. Then select Printhead nozzle check.
  3. Your printer starts checking by producing a page which four colour grids layout to Illustrate which nozzle is clogged.
  4. If there is a difference in most lime then select clean the printhead and continue.

If your printer is in warranty period you didn’t see any improvement after cleaning you can contact Epson for any information. But if there is no warranty you can clean the nozzle.

Renovate your printer driver

When the Epson printer is older it does not work properly for this we have to renovate our printer. These two methods to renovate drivers are manually or automatically.

  Option 1-Manually-: To renovate the printer driver you need to go to the Epson support webpage, find your printer and search the drive corresponding with a certain flavour of your window version and download the driver manually.

Printing devices are perhaps the best innovation that have made printing exercises easier as well as end up being an efficient gadget. As of now, numerous organizations are offering printing devices to the users, still, Epson printers are the most favored ones.Epson printers are perhaps the best item created by Seiko Epson Corporations that are likewise known for delivering spot grid, inkjet, and laser printers.

Also, there is no uncertainty in saying this that Epson printers offer users with the absolute best administrations at the same time, recently, there are a couple of users who have revealed some specialized issues with the printer.Well, as beneficial things accompany a few cons, there are chances that users may confront a few issues with the Epson printers due to minor glitches like Epson printer printing clear pages. Indeed, this issue is very normal and can be settled on schedule by evaluating some investigating arrangements.

As you download right to drive in your system double click on the downloaded file and follow the instruction to upload the drive.

The blank printing page problem will be solved-


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