Why Microfiber Towel better for Curly Hair?

    prefer microfiber hair towels

    ?Curly hair,? ?Curls? would be a sight for our sore eyes. But, ?Beautiful Curls? is a kind of appreciation that people would mention whenever they meet a curly-haired girl. Even once in a lifetime, straight hair people envy curly hair and wish to have curls. But it could dread them as a nightmare whenever they get a chance to know the unique issues in maintaining the textured hair. 

    Before we go on further, we must be aware of the biological structure of the curly hair shaft. 

    We could identify the shape of the curly hair from a short gaze that differed from the straight and wavy hair. Hair is made up of the protein called ?Keratin.? Keratin protein bonds together and forms a hair strand. The visible part of the filament above the scalp is the Hair shaft. Under the scalp, the hair is protected by the outermost layer is known as the ?Follicle.? The shape of the follicle decides the hair type. Curly hair grows from the oval-shaped follicle.?

    prefer microfiber hair towels

    Naturally, sebum (Waxy oil) originates in the follicle to retain the moisture in the scalp. But sebum couldn?t spread out through the wild curly hair and causes dryness. This natural dryness is the major hurdle in maintaining curly hair. Prolonged dryness makes the curly hair grab the water from the outer environment. As a result of that, the cuticle layer of the hair swells, and it turns into ?Frizzy.? 

    We now clearly understood that curly hair prone to dryness and frizz. Frizz is because the humidity of the atmosphere affects the cuticle of the curly hair and causes misalignment to the curly hair fibers. 

    Curly hair girls consistently seeking out the answers for the questions, ?How to banish frizzy hair permanently? or ?How to get rid of frizzy hair?? 

    Curly hair experts suggest measures to get rid of frizzy kinky hair to some extent. But, remarkably, they insist on avoiding using heat (Hairdryer, Blow dryer) to dry the curly hair to reduce the excessive dryness in the scalp. 

    Luckily, we have an alternative solution to dry curly hair that is ?Microfiber hair Towel.? The way we dry our hair matters the most in causing frizz. You will get your answers for why microfiber towels would be the right choice for drying curly hair.

    Incredible Absorbency:?

    ?Microfiber? name signifies ?Small Fiber,? and their diameter is smaller than the human hair strand. The soft microfiber is a blended polyester and polyamide. Its absorbency level is an incredible one. Towels made up of Microfibers absorb more than 3x their weight of water. Due to its ultra absorbency, Microfiber hair towels instantly dry the hair. Microfiber towels soak up the water thoroughly without making any abrasiveness to the hair. It also lessens the breakage while drying hair.


    Frizzy hair is a lifelong struggle for curly head to fight against. It?s almost stressful to handle the wild frizzy curls. Using a Heat dryer dries the cuticle layer of the hair much and causes more frizz. Microfiber towels would reduce the stress by gently remove the moisture without causing any damage and frizz to the hair. That?s why Microfiber towels stand out of the market as an ?Anti-Frizz Towel.? 

    No more hair interlocking :

    Generally, wet hair tangles with each other and looks like a messed-up web. It?s hard to arrange the interlocked hair. When you put the comb in the messed hair, more hair strands would fall, and a bunch of hair leftover in the comb. It took a lot of time to unravel the hair twists?microfiber towels dry hair without making more interlocks. Instead of cotton towels, prefer microfiber hair towels to eliminate the wetness of the hair without causing more damages.?

    Light Weight :

    The towel made up of tiny fibers weighs low. It?s effortless to accommodate them in the travel bag while roaming around. Carrying the right kind of towel is lessening your worries about taming hair. Without thinking about the humidity of the place, you could take a vacation anywhere and anytime. 

    Prefer Towels over hair dryers to protect your precious curls from wild ?frizz and breakages. This blog tells the advantageous features of the microfiber hair towels and why they are suitable for natural curls.

    If everything failed you in taming your curly hair, Microfiber hair towels would be the last resort. I hope this blog is constructive to the girls who struggle to tame the curls.

    Share your hair?taming experience and brief about how you are taking care of your hair health.?

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