Reasons why Many Students are Eyeing MBA in Oil and Gas Management

The oil and gas industry is spread across the globe. It won’t be wrong to say that oil and gas together make up one of the core industries in the world today. As one of the sixth primary industries, it is instrumental in shaping the world. Ample job opportunities await students after completion of the master’s course. The newer generation professionals can leverage the prospects in the ever-growing industry. Suppose you look for a career in oil and gas management. In that case, the colleges and universities in India have rewarding offers in their specialization programmes at the PG level. 

If you wish to go for a short-term course, a Diploma in Oil and Gas management provides insights into the sector. Professionals and freshers can use the course to develop an entry-level managerial career in the industry. After completing the program, you can work in multiple domains such as sales, project management, operations etc. 

MBA in Oil

MBA in Oil is one of the popular master’s course that individuals pursue to begin a career in the oil and gas industry. It is a two-year program preparing leaders and future managers for handling the continuously fluctuating characteristics of challenges and prospects of this developing sector. If you are a working professional, a distance MBA in Oil & Gas Management will be ideal. You can learn without leaving your current job. 

Now the questions arise, even though there are several MBA branches, why should anyone pursue MBA in oil? The fiscal growth of a country is dependent on the oil and gas sector. The boom in the economy of India has led to the demand for MBA graduates. The requirement for energy will always be there and is currently at the peak. Many students eye on the MBA course in Oil and Gas management. What can be the reason? Let us check out below-

Vast Opportunity to Learn

Working in the oil and gas sector provide immense opportunities to grow and learn. The diverse functions enable MBA graduates to work in numerous areas. You can also get fortunate enough to work overseas, leading to a different cultural and professional experience. 

Phenomenal Demand

Not only in India, Oil and Gas industry is the largest one around the globe. Petroleum, natural gas or renewable sector, the consumption of these sectors is rising. The expansion of the industry created a widespread demand for professionals with degree and experience in the field. 

Rewarding Salaries

The pay in the oil industry is on the higher side. As soon as you complete an MBA, you are likely to secure a high-paying job. Initially, you can expect a salary of around INR 6 to INR 8 Lakhs. The package is much higher than that offered in other branches of MBA. Hence, lucrative salaries are one of the advantages of pursuing an MBA in Oil. 

Ample Career prospect

No doubt, there are ample job opportunities available to MBA graduates. The career path in the oil and gas industry is exciting. You can choose a different career path apart from management in the field. From operations, finance to marketing, graduates are equipped to work in all the areas. 

Growing Industry

As one of the core industries, a career in the oil and gas sector is highly stable. The need is evergreen, and one who secures a job in the field often work throughout their lives. Students who are looking for an exciting yet stable career must choose MBA in oil and gas management. It is more stable than other branches of MBA. 

Oil and gas management is one of the most sought-after courses right now, not just in India but in the entire world. Since the industry indirectly supports other domain of the economy, its need will surely skyrocket further in the future.

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