Why Laptops Keep Getting More Expensive

Unless you have been living under a rock you must know that laptop prices have been zooming these couple of years. Most people are under the assumption that the most expensive laptops are the best ones, and sometimes that is the case. However, that is not always the case, and yet we see the rise of laptop prices every year. There are many reasons as to why this is happening, one being the Covid-19 stay home and work orders that have been imposed on the world. Only essential workers are working right now, the rest must work from home, some companies supply laptops for their workers. Then other employers made their employees buy their laptops. Parents had to buy laptops for their kids since school libraries were closed. Another is the need for more and better power performance that we all want, the compactness that laptops offer, and import and export taxes between various countries.

Ever since the start of the Covid-19 and the entire world was forced into hibernation and had to rely on laptops and other forms of technology to communicate with the outside world experts have noticed that laptop prices have gone up more than 30%. I for one am not surprised that corporate America has used a fragile, challenging time to suck more money out of their loyal consumers. Sales for refurbished laptops have been going up as rapidly as the new ones. Experts are saying that they believe that sales of refurbished laptops will match the sales volume of refurbished laptops and will meet the sale volume of new laptops by the end of the year.

These brands are genuinely adding more to make sure that their laptops stand out from the competition. So, to do that they are upgrading their motherboard, they are increasing GB, technology features, making their design increasingly High Def with more specs, RAMS, longer battery life, and sharper pixels. So, all these features end up adding to the final cost of our purchase. The fact of the matter is that it costs to create hardware that is compact and has an amazing performance level. For example, it is imperative for laptops to have an adequate cooling system that would prevent them from overheating especially in high usage laptops like gaming and laptops for artists. So, to maintain optimal temperature internally, brands must design the layout so that components could dissipate heat outside. The cost of these cooling systems is expensive, and by the time they get to our hand, they are even more costly. So not only do the actual parts of the motherboard get expensive over time, the skills that are needed to put it all together also can rise the smaller the laptop.

However, no matter what newest sparkling pizzaz they add to their technologies one thing that is a fact is that they all always end up adding more than 60% to the cost of sale than what they put in to make them gain their profits.  

Another reason for this has a lot to do with the United States standing with other countries. The better our country plays with their neighbors the better things will be for us in all marketing, and business aspects. depending on the U.S. and China trade war, the shakier the relationship between the U.S. and China the higher these prices will continue the upward slope. If tariff gets raised for Chinese imported good technology companies are going to get hit hard, and in turn, we as consumers would get feel the effects too.

Most times it is the name of the brand that you are purchasing, for example, Apple increases the price of their newer releases by at least 50% from their phones to their laptop’s consumers are more so paying for the Apple logo more than they are paying for the device. These top brands like Apple and Samsung become an ecosystem and they know that no matter what they price their laptops at consumers will be in line waiting to get their hands on it.

This is not to say that these companies do not provide good stable laptops though, because they do when you purchase their laptops you get a sleek design, simplicity, value, and sometimes powerful devices. The more people demand these high brand laptops the more these companies will continue adding to their prices because they know that their consumers will pay it, no matter how high they will find ways.


Just like everything else in life technology is updating every day, every brand has teams that are constantly thinking of new ways to beat the competition so it makes sense that the prices would match the newest developments. The effort, resources, and technology that these brands have poured into their products are major reasons for the influx in price. The good news is that there are still brands that are producing laptops that are affordable for everyday folks that are just as good as the expensive ones. To find out which laptop is best you can click here for the laptops that meet your price and purpose

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