Why It Is Important to Pray and Meditate?

The world is generally divided into two main categories when it comes to prayers; one is the lot that believes in prayers and others that believe in science. But, we also have some people who believe in both or none. Everyone’s faith is different and therefore deal with things differently.

Nonetheless, prayers are a very personal choice, and therefore you will hear many countries saying they support freedom of religion. This freedom of religion lets people from different faith the ability to practice it in the country they are living in.

freedom of religion

Let us look at now why is it important to pray and meditate?

Importance of Prayers and Meditation

Prayers and meditation are a way for people use to get away from their usual daily activities, jobs, etc. Prayer is a person’s way of talking to the supreme being and submitting their worries to someone who they think has control in the bigger scheme of things.

Most importantly, people say pray because it gives them some sort of peace and relaxes them. And isn’t what life is about? Feel happy and relaxed while playing this big thing called life where you are supposed to do the right thing but can also end up in a situation that comes as a test?

Let us list down a few research pointers stressing the importance of prayers and meditation.

  • According to Pew Research Poll, in 2014, over 50% of Americans pray every day.
  • In a 2012 poll, the research stated that around 70% of Americans believe that prayers are an important part of every person’s life.
  • Then some polls suggested that atheists also do some kind of meditation to reduce stress etc.
  • Several individuals use yoga and Indian meditation techniques as well to bring calmness, focus, and peace to their lives.

Every single person who prays prays for a different reason; for example, Muslims pray according to their prayer times and submit themselves to God, while Jews, Christians have their rituals of praying as well.

Ever since the pandemic hit the world in 2019, the world was in lockdown, and people started going more and more into depression and getting stressed out with the situation with no certainty when all this is going to end.

Let us look at a few important benefits of praying and meditation now;

1.      Reduces Stress

Prayers and meditation are known as the most effective herbal way of reducing stress. For those who believe that there is a greater supreme being who has control over all the things, it gives them peace to believe that whatever bad or good happens in their life happens due to a reason. And that, it has importance in terms of the grand scheme of things.

A lot of ways are used for praying; it can be the physical act of praying, it can also be the act of meditation like Hindu Buddhists, etc.

2.      Gives you Better Focus

Prayer and meditation give clarity of mind. The art of meditation has been trending quite a lot during the COVID-19 and has gained popularity ever since. So prayers can also be considered the art of meditation as it requires a different form of mental and physical exercise that lets you go off the control and all the anxiety and stress that forms because of it

While reflecting on the importance of prayer, meditation, and a devotional attitude, Bahá’u’lláh; the founder of the Bahai’ faith, says, “should a person recite but a single verse from the Holy Writings in a state of joy and radiance, this would be better for him than reciting all the Scriptures of God wearily. . . “

3.      Improves Health

Praying and Meditation is not only known to improve your mental health but also your physical health. The physical health benefits include decreased blood pressure, which works wonders for your skin like an anti-aging serum, higher skin resistance, and easier breathing.

Mentally also it improves your health like it reduces your stress and takes away your anxiety etc

4.      Happiness

“Supplication to God at morn and eve is conducive to the joy of hearts.” 

Prayers and meditation give mental clarity, as discussed above, as well as improve your mental and physical health, which is why a person is more likely to stay happy and content. Imagine relieving yourself of all the worldly affairs and not having to stress about it more than you should. In this date and age, if you can do that, it’s a blessing.

5.      Increased Creativity

When you spend time praying and meditating, it can increase your creativity. Because let us be real, things that come in the way of real creativity are ourselves, and once we are free of all those worries and things that are holding us back, it can only increase our potential to work more creatively.

The only key is to pray and meditate with all the dedication and focus and believe in it. People who have real faith say that even if they don’t have all the riches of the world, they are still happy and content with what they have.

 Prayer & Meditate Are Sustenance for the Soul

Now that we have established how prayers and meditation are important in one’s life and how they can bring you all sorts of benefits and peace, are you not wondering why you are not doing it already?

Well, if you pray and meditate with enough belief and faith, you are bound to unlock all these life achievements mentioned above; reduced stress and anxiety, happiness, good health, and increased creativity.

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